A Guide To Cleaning Your Garden For Summer BBQs


A Guide To Cleaning Your Garden

Most people usually look forward to hosting BBQs in their gardens during the summer. These events allow you to spend the sunny days with your loved ones. But before you host friends and family, you need to prepare your outdoor areas and garden for a memorable event.

Cleaning your garden for summer BBQs won’t happen overnight, so you must start planning early. You’ll probably have several tasks to complete if you haven’t been tending your garden over the spring and winter months.

Below are tips to help you prepare your garden for the summer BBQ season.

  1. Trim The Lawn

Mowing your lawn is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your garden ready for summer BBQs. It’s shocking how fast grass can grow, especially after heavy rains and sunshine.

Chances are your lawn is a bit unkempt now, and it’s time to tend it. Since wet grass isn’t fun to mow, take out your lawnmower on a dry day and treat the lawn to a long-overdue trim. Ensure you hold the wire carefully to prevent it from falling next to the lawnmower blade.

  1. Uproot Pesky Weeds

Nobody likes to see lawns overgrown with weeds or paving stones flecked with dandelions at a barbeque party.

If your garden is more of a wild jungle than a lush green backyard, consider bringing in a garden clearance specialist to get rid of stubborn vines and weeds. You can seek the services of 1300 Rubbish; they have a professional team that applies a green waste removal approach to clear gardens from unwanted waste.

If the weeds are manageable, you can tackle them on your own. Get a suitable herbicide and spray it on undesirable vegetation. Ensure you check the label to confirm how long it’ll take to kill the weeds. You can uproot the weeds once they start to die.

To uproot the weeds, loosen the weeds’ soil and pull the weed from the root using your hands. Make sure you put on gloves to prevent friction burns and keep your hands from getting dirty. You can also uproot the weeds using a weed removal tool. Ensure you remove the whole root to prevent the weeds from growing back.

  1. Update Or Clean The Garden Furniture

If you’re planning to invite people over to your place for BBQs this summer, you must consider where the guests will sit to socialize, drink and eat. If there’s any furniture you haven’t used for a long time, you’ll have to clean them properly in advance.

Alternatively, you can choose to replace your garden furniture if the current one is old and dull. It’s advisable to opt for water-resistant garden furniture, which is excellent for outdoor weather.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t invest in a new set, you can repair your old furniture and polish them to bring them back to life.

  1. Jet Wash Your Patio Before And After Summer Barbeque Parties

Whether you have a decking or stone patio in your backyard, cleansing it using a jet wash will eliminate moss, algae, and traces of dirt.

Even though pressure washers are pretty costly, they’ll help you maintain your garden’s tidiness for several years. You can always hire somebody to jet wash your decking or patio if you can’t afford to purchase a jet washer.

After your BBQ party, you should also jet wash to remove grease or bacteria left behind from spillages.

  1. Tidy The Flower Beds

Flower beds brighten and add aesthetic value to your garden. However, if you don’t care for them, they’ll look unkempt and overgrown.

Your flower beds need some tender loving care to keep your backyard in an excellent state for a summer barbeque party. Avoid using herbicides since you may kill the adjacent plants.

Instead, uproot the weeds by hand, divide the large perennials, and prune overgrown shrubs. In no time, your flowerbed will be in tip-top condition again.

  1. Paint The Garden Fence

Most people overlook the fences during regular garden maintenance. It may only take a simple lick of paint to refurbish a dilapidated wooden fence.

Invest in a decent brand of waterproof wood paint in a shade that perfectly compliments your garden’s color. Then use a paintbrush to coat the fence in paint, one panel at a time. Make sure the paint reaches all the corners and crevices of the fence since the missed spots can stick out.

After completing the first coat, let the paint dry. Read the label to determine the recommended time, then decide if a second coat is necessary. It’s usually advisable to do a minimum of two paint coats.

  1. Keep Off Pests

Nothing is worse than a BBQ where bugs outnumber guests. Some bugs can leave your guests itching for days after the party is over and may even spread diseases.

Before your summer BBQ, ensure you hire pest control specialists. Citronella candles and tiki torches may be ineffective, and some measures may work only a couple of feet around the device, so hire professionals to treat your backyard.

Wrap Up

These tips will help you spruce up your garden for a fantastic summer BBQ. Don’t hesitate to seek help from professionals if the need arises. Above all, ensure you start planning early enough to have a successful and enjoyable BBQ.

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