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Furniture And Decor

Well-known for combining organic shapes with simple lines in the most classy way, mid-century furniture utilizes some of the most trending methods and materials to revive traditions. This décor style uses flat panes, connecting different shapes to nature, creating simple forms with organic influences. A fundamental principle to define mid-century furniture is form paired with function. Characteristics of Mid-century Décor

Knowing more about mid-century and mid-century modern furniture – the differences, the similarities, the details, etc., create the best-themed homes.

Minimalized Decoration: The use of bold pieces such as large sculptures or geometric paintings is commonly seen in mid-century themed homes, as opposed to those filled with tiny pieces of furniture or trinkets. The focus is always on following the basics to complete the look of the house and avoiding what’s not needed.

Geometric Shapes: Simplicity is further elaborated with geometric patterns such as clocks, prints, etc., adding character to the home.

Bold colors: Mid-century furniture uses a bold color palette, bringing visual interest to simple homes.

Contrasting materials: Combining manmade material with naturals is how we generally define mid-century décor. The geometric curves of the furniture are normally covered with new materials such as ply, plastic laminates, fiberglass, etc.

Minimalist lighting: Mid-century ceiling or floor lamps featuring round, curved or straight contours, preferably made of finished metal, can do wonders to the décor.Now to look at some elements that recreate that mid-century aura in the best ways.

Mid-Century Living Room

You can create mid-century indoors or bring it outside with a teak sofa as teak is synonymous with mid-century furniture. And when combined with bold colors, it gives your home that perfect look. How about a strong, durable lounge chair or a comfy velvet 3-seater sofa? You can certainly not miss the lounge chair that Charles had introduced in the mid-century era. And complementing it with a coffee table makes for that perfect centerpiece.

Mid-Century Kitchen

Kitchen design might be the most challenging for form and function. How about a tulip table or something from the Nelson’s Bubble collection to address the confusing world of modern and mid-range décor? Also, if you have a long breakfast bar, try out molded stools made out of wood to create iconic pieces. Finally, accessorizing with colored glass on open shelving can add a traditional mid-century pop of color and modern function to the space.

Mid-Century Workspace

After the pandemic, most of us have converted some of our spaces into the workspace. Add to your productivity by being creative with décor items, as furniture does play a role in making a normal workday a good workday. So, what is needed? Only a few iconic pieces, such as Aluminium Chair, to make your workspace narrate the aesthetic story, ensuring a comfy place to start your day. Including a Polygon Clock or hang-it-all racks created with geometric shapes keeps it simple yet stylish.

Know more about other furniture design options and accessories such as carpets, rugs to add coziness amongst style and class.

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