A Guide to Mixing Pillow and Couch Patterns


When it comes to home décor, no one likes monotony. A whole room filled with one color or the same patterns can be extremely boring. Items like throw pillows for couches and throws for sofas are a good way to break the boring barriers and uplift the whole room with minimum efforts and expense. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. With the smallest error of judgment, you can end up making the whole room messy and disturbing.

To avoid the mistake, you need to learn about the golden rule of mixing colors and patterns. As a company offering a beautiful range of luxury pillows and throws for couches and sofas, we hold expertise in this arena. So, here are a few valuable tips our experts have for you.

Remember the Golden Number

Golden Pillow

When it comes to mixing patterns, three is the golden number. Design and décor experts agree that odd number placement looks more pleasant and natural to the eyes. So, even when decorating a single sofa, make sure you have a decorative pillow and a luxury throw in a different pattern or style to complete the look.

Patterns with Solid Colors

Solid Color Pillows

Moving forward from the first rule, you need to focus on the most dominant design, which in our given an example is the couch. So, if you have a solid colored couch, you naturally have more freedom to choose almost any pattern. The best way to go, however, is to add a bold geometrical patterned throw pillow with the same base color and a few more. Then you can create a dramatic effect with a contrasting throw. You can also go with pillows and throw in the animal pattern in different scales.

Floral Prints and Patterns

Floral Print Pillows

Speaking of scale difference, it can be very handy when playing with a floral pattern. Try the couch and pillows with floral designs with almost the same colors but different pattern sizes. You can further enhance the look with a beautiful throw blanket with at least two of the shades or a total contrasting shade for more drama.

Dots, Lines, and Geometry

Geometric Throw Pillows

Dots and lines, more or less, fall in the category of geometric shapes. The combination of dots and lines is something that will never look bad. You can safely place a completely contrasting dotted pillow on a couch or sofa with lines. Try bigger dots with narrow lines and vice versa. Throw in a textured luxury blanket, and your room will never be the same again.

Most importantly, never be afraid of trying something new. You might add a few more rules to these guidelines.

Best of Luck!

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