A Guide To Pergola Roof Designs


Pergola Roof Designs

Pergola roof designs are highly attractive rooftops, but to enjoy the pergola, you need to make sure you find the right design according to the location where you want to install it. We have jotted down some of the attractive designs for you in the blog below. Still, it can be very confusing for you to choose the right design. To make it easier for you, you can visit SunsetPergolaKits.com. It is vital to ensure that you have chosen an appropriate roof to ensure that you can enjoy your pergola the way you want. See here for a really useful resource to find the best aluminum pergola for your garden.

This is easier said than done, however, as there are several different designs to choose from. While they are all highly attractive, they may not be suitable for every application. You can visit informative websites to get a deeper understanding of high-quality sunset pergola kits. To make it easier for you,  we have outlined the main pergola roof designs available and the most appropriate choice for your application. You can also consider some Useful Resources.

  1. Fixed Static Panels

Pergola Static Panels

These systems are comprised of clear, semi-clear, colored, or tinted materials (such as polycarbonate, timber, timber-look aluminum, or metal). The panels are secured to the top of the rafters so that they will not move. They provide maximum protection from the elements and come in varying thicknesses to ensure that your perfect look is achieved. Some homeowners steer clear of these panels, as they can be noisy when it rains.

  1. Fixed Fabric Panels

Pergola Fixed Fabric Panels

These systems are comprised of durable fabric that is stretched across the rafters. Most homeowners opt for water-resistant fabrics to provide the space below with a little extra protection from the sun and rain. The main issue is that the collection of water, dirt, and debris can cause the fabric to develop mold or mildew. In many cases, this is impossible to remove and will instead require new panels.

  1. Louvered Panels

Louvered Pergola Panels

These systems are made adjustable by the ability to tilt the louvers from 0 degrees to almost 180 degrees. This louvered roof pergola design could be solar-powered or motorized, providing maximum control over the amount of sunlight or shade your space experiences. The louvers are traditionally comprised of metal, but vinyl and other materials can be used to give them an alternative look (this does tend to be costly). If you cannot live without it, consider applying for title loans online to cover the construction costs.

  1. Roll Retractable Awnings

Roll Retractable Awnings

These systems offer a balance of flexibility and cost-efficiency. Unlike fixed panels, they can be rolled up when it’s raining and windy, or they can be opened when it’s quite sunny outside. The awnings are installed on two tracks, either manually operated or motorized. Many homeowners avoid awnings, as they can become damaged in poor weather (if you forget to roll them up).

  1. Retractable Canopies

Retractable Canopies

These systems are quite similar to retractable awnings, except that they are installed into channels around the pergola (instead of freestanding ones). These canopies are comprised of fabric, as this allows the panel to fold up completely when not required. Some companies are even offering dual canopy options – there is a blackout option for maximum protection and a mesh option for other times.

When it comes to choosing the best pergola roof design for your property, you must be considered how you want to use the space and what sorts of materials have been used elsewhere around the home. While fixed panels are the most traditional choice, louvered and retractable roofs are becoming more popular with homeowners wanting to control sunlight. If you run into any problems, ensure that you speak with your pergola builder.

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  1. It’s great to know that louvered pergolas can give me a huge amount of control over the amount of shade and light cast upon it. The climate where I live tends to be quite extreme, with harsh sunlight in the summer and late sunrises during the winter. As such, getting the control the lighting of my pergola would be a very nice feature to have when I get mine built.


  2. A fixed louvred pergola is another great option! If you are looking for shade you can choose 75% or 90% shade to keep you cool during the midday sun. A vinyl pergola with aluminum inserts gives lifetime strength paired with maintenance free enjoyment!

    Freestanding pergolas can be added anywhere in your backyard, patio, garden or courtyard space. Attached pergolas can be affixed to your home to make an outdoor room extension to your home!



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