A Guide To Preparing Your Wood Deck For Summer


Wood Deck For Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the delight of spending more time outside in your garden hosting parties and dinners or sun-basking. But, if the wooden decking in your garden isn’t summer-ready, spending quality time there can prove challenging. While wood is attractive and hygienic, it requires regular maintenance to maintain its beauty and condition, ensuring it’s ready for summer. So, keep reading on for this great guide on how you can prepare your wood decking for summer.

Why Prepare Your Wood Decking For Summer

Wood is quite a resilient material that provides the perfect base for outdoor living. Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions that we experience in winter can take a toll on it, causing it to wear and tear, turn grey and even grow mould and lichen. Luckily, with the right products and tips, you can bring your wood deck back to life, restoring it to its former glory. Having a good wood decking for the summer also gives you the perfect place to entertain, relax and unwind. You can add outdoor living furniture that matches your home décor to your deck and an outdoor kitchen, creating a functional spot for entertaining family and friends!

Tips For Preparing Your Wood Decking

Clear The Decks

If you’re thinking about revamping or repairing your wood deck, start by clearing it to get a complete view of the entire surface. Get rid of all the equipment, chairs, sofas, and tables you have on it. The goal is to get full access to every corner of the decking so that you can examine the level of damage, rotting, and wear and tear.

Deep Cleaning Your Wood Deck

After removing everything from your wood decking, give it a deep clean. Start with a sweep to get rid of leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris that may have accumulated on the surface throughout winter and spring.

Next, give your deck a wash using a pressure washer. This is much more convenient as it removes any dirt or debris stuck in the wood. However, ensure the pressure is not too high to prevent damaging the wood. If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can use a mop. Give the deck time to dry

so that you can see how much work you need to do to restore your decking to its original condition.

Inspect The Structure

Once your deck is clean and dry, inspect and examine it from corner to corner, checking for loose screws or nails that stick out, which can cause tripping accidents. Press down on every inch of wood and take note of any movement. If the wood is raised or moves more than it should, you may replace the boards for a more solid structure.

Similarly, check for rotting by digging in with a screwdriver or key. If you notice the wood is soft and comes off easily, it’s rotten. Again, it’s vital not to skip this inspection as it gives you insight into what needs replacement or repair to ensure your wood decking is safe to use.

Replacing Your Wood Deck Fasteners

Replace all fasteners that are loose and rusted away, including screws and nails. You can buy extra fasteners at your local hardware store. It’s worth the effort to keep your deck solid and secure, as this will help to prevent accidents happening as a result of loose boards moving and mean you can enjoy the space safely. Be sure also to replace all the rotten, soft, and damaged boards as well as fixings and fasteners.

Revamp The Colour

Lastly, it’s time to stain and reseal. Buy a commercial/industrial sealant or coating product from your local DIY store and ensure it’s recommended for wood decking in order to make the best wood decking paint. A great sealant will give your wood an attractive and shiny finish while protecting it from external elements. It’s advisable to choose a semi-translucent coating to give your decking the best-looking and natural result.

Tools And Equipment For Building And Maintaining Decking

There are many tools and useful equipment that make building and maintaining your decking far easier. From power drills to levelers and more, even the smallest of tools like these make a huge difference in building and maintaining the perfect decking all year round. Even larger tools such as bandsaws and cutting machines are the ideal pieces of equipment for the job, allowing for accurate wood cutting and clean finishes on your perfect wood deck!

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