A Guide To Sofas: Find The Perfect Sofa For Your Space


Perfect Sofa For Your Space

Sofas have become more important to us this year than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has seen us all spending more time at home than ever before. Our living rooms have become makeshift offices, restaurants, cinemas, and even gyms while we try and structure our lives as much as possible. This means our sofas have seen us through the ups and downs of lockdowns, isolations, and many, many, many zoom quiz.

But, what’s the perfect perch for your space? Whether it’s soft snugglers or supportive seats that are your thing, we’re going to guide you through some of the most common sofa styles. Helping you turn your home space into the living room of dreams.

Scatter Back Or Pillow Backs

Scatter Back

Scatter backs are definitely in camp snuggly.

Snuggled up on a scatter back or a pillow back, as their also known, will make for some simply sinking comfort. A plush back made up of several large cushions, the scatter back isn’t the most supportive of sits, but it makes up for that in comfort: soft, squishy, and supremely snug. If you’re looking for somewhere to curl up and de-stress, this might be the one for you.

High Backs

High Backs

Close your eyes and picture a sofa, we guarantee it will be a High Back.

The most common type of sofa, these are fairly straight forward in their structure with one or two cushions shaped to the body of the sofa itself. These are sometimes attached with a zip and are removable more often than not. As a rule of thumb, High Backs tend to be a comfortable choice that merges support with comfort, without being overzealous with either. A brilliant mid-point for those who don’t want a super snuggly sofa but want some support when they lounge. It’s hard to go wrong with a High Back.

Fixed Back

Fixed Back

Fixed backs are exactly what they say on the tin. A padded back, fixed directly onto the frame of the sofa itself. This means that losing things down ‘the back of the sofa’ isn’t an issue, but this also means that cleaning and maintenance can be a little harder.

These sofas definitely border on the more supportive end of the spectrum, giving a comfortable but usually upright sitting position. However, this isn’t to say these don’t make for great loungers. A fixed back often makes room for a larger seating area, which makes these great for cuddling up on, meaning movie nights are sorted.

Wing Back Chair

Wing Back Chair

Picture this; you’ve found the perfect book, a real page-turner. Now you need somewhere to curl up and get lost in its pages. It’s got to be a classic Wing Back Chair.

These iconic chairs have a real presence in any room; a supremely padded base cushion met with a high supportive back and winged sides; these were designed with comfort at their core. Crafted to be cuddled up in front of a roaring fire, these chairs were originally built to keep out cold drafts in times gone by, a feature that works just as well now. While there’s no room for cuddling as a pair or a family, there’s ample room to curl up with that must-read book.

Tub Chairs

Tub Chair

A Low, relaxed back with level arms, the tub chair is a comfortable choice with a relaxed feel, letting you take the strain off your shoulders with just the right amount of support.

While these don’t have the longevity appeal of a snuggly sofa or a traditional armchair, these are surprisingly comfortable. Some models mimic an armchair’s structure with much smaller dimensions, making them brilliant for smaller spaces, looking for a comfortable, space-saving alternative.

Club Chairs

Club Chairs

Club chairs are a stylish alternative to a traditional and sometimes dated armchair, often looking a touch more stylish without compromising a classic’s comfort. A higher back and relaxed sloping arms give club chairs a supportive and snuggly feeling. Padding encasing the entire frame and an additional seat cushion, these styles offer complete comfort and are a great choice for smaller rooms rather than large family rooms. Although positioned alongside a matching sofa, these would merge style with comfort, guaranteeing everyone has the best seat in the house.

When shopping around for your ideal sofa, it’s always best to try as much as you can in your own home. Request samples of any potential fabric choices and consider the measurements and how these will work in your space. If you’re a larger family, why not look at smaller sofas coupled with some matching chairs, maximizing your seating without kissing goodbye to floor space.

Top Tips:

Measure your space and consider the shape and size of sofas that take your eye.

Request samples; these are often free and can give you a more accurate feel for colors and fabrics in your home settings. These will also give you a snapshot of quality, ensuring you get the most for your money.

Consider what you don’t like about your current sofa. Is it comfortable? Style and shape? Figure out why you’re buying as this will rule out certain styles, particularly from a comfort perspective.

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