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In the magnificent apartment with a high ceiling and beautiful stucco, the fashion-conscious family has managed to create an oasis of comfort and familiarity, with exclusive material and carefully selected details.

Emma has spent her last months in Milan, attending fashion school. During holidays and the summer, she frequently visits the family house and is keen on helping out around the interior design. She hopes to translate what she has contributed there and learned during her time abroad into her apartment soon enough.

We asked Emma to guide us through the carefully designed family home.

Timeless Design

Modern Living Room Area Rugs

As you enter, you are greeted by a beautiful, lightly pigmented parquet that runs through the entire apartment. The ceiling height is generous, and the walls are decorated with gracious stucco. As you continue, you’ll find the kitchen and Livingroom in open planning with amazing space. In the entire apartment, walls and details are neatly arranged to match other accessories – everything from kitchen cabinets to base molding and the radiator covers is color-matched into the very last detail. An overwhelming feeling of luxury is taking every visitor by their feet.

In the living room, we find a perfect design, a customed shelf that is designed and made after very detailed instructions. It is filled with carefully selected objects. Not too many and not too few – exactly the right amount for it to be comfortable for the beholder.

  • The apartment is unique and timeless, it feels pretty cool, and it almost feels like a suite at a design hotel. The goal of the apartment, when we started planning and drawing it up, was that we would allow ourselves to think outside the box and have a style of interior design that is unique, Emma Santorini explains.

Emma has always had an interest in interior design. When starting her academic journey, interior design has been a big part, but the fashion aspect of it has taken an increasingly bigger role. She loves how she can combine her interest in fashion and trends and apply that inspiration into interior design. Additionally, to get out all her passion for passion, she started blogging for InspirelivingHQ, where she gives tips and reviews on fashion and interior design (InspirelivingHQ.Com).

The Personal Touch

Kitchen Equipment

Emma explosions that all their houses have varied in theme throughout time. Their previous house was very modern and differed a lot from the current one. The last one had big rooms, large panorama windows that covered a lot of space. The new style is a bit more dark, dramatic, and exclusive.

  • I appreciate changing things up and trying out different things. I love the turn of the century-look, a high ceiling, and beautiful tentative details. For example, the kitchen had blue cabins, which was nice, but we still painted them in gray tones to match other essential objects in the apartment. We also choose to build custom-built wardrobes in every bedroom, in the same color as the walls. I think it is both elegant and luxuries having custom-build wardrobes, Emma explains.

The last tip Emma gives us is that porcelain is very important, and beautiful porcelain makes life more fun! It is also one of those things that can add that personal touch to an apartment, and especially the dining room.

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