A Look At Some Of The Most Popular Pool Shapes And Designs


Rectangular Pool

Swimming pools come in different shapes and designs. If you were planning to have a swimming pool in your home, then you have plenty of options available to choose from. You can choose the shape and design based on your aesthetic preference. You can also choose the design and shape based on the availability of space. Some of the popular shapes are listed below to help you decide which one suits you the best.

  1. Rectangular

This is the most common design used to build swimming pools. This was the design used in the past as it was simple and easy to execute. Even today, many homeowners prefer to have a pool of this design. A Rectangular Pool is easy and simple to install. It doesn’t too much space and is very practical in design. It is good for those who like to swim many laps a day. Keeping count of laps is easy in a rectangular shaped pool. Don’t think that this design is boring. You can create a perimeter overflow effect. This will make the traditional rectangular pool look snazzy.

  1. Oval Pools

Oval or round shaped pools were the first pools to be built with a design different from that of rectangular pools. The oval-shaped pool looks beautiful. When placed in a garden amidst trees and some sand area, it looks like an oasis. It was the design favored by film stars that gave it an exotic look. These kinds of pools are popular in old Victorian homes. This pool design is apt if you have a larger backyard. Apart from the conventional circular pools, oval-shaped pools can also have geometric edges by the sides.

  1. Roman And Grecian Shaped

These pools remind us of the pools during the Roman and Grecian eras. If you have space for a rectangular pool but want a different and innovative design, you can go with this design. Roman pools are essentially modified rectangular pools. The ends of the pool are semi-circular in design. The rounded ends improve the aesthetic appearance of this type of pool. Grecian pools have edges that are round or truncated. They resemble an octagon. These pools are ideally meant for large backyards. One of the semi-circular areas would have steps to enter the pool. They are best suited for large families that like to spend time together in the pool.

  1. Geometric Design

This type of pool design has the same concept as that of the rectangular pool. It extends the rectangular pool by adding more geometric designs to it. If you find rectangular boring, you can opt for this shape. This design can incorporate squares, triangles, and circles. The best part of this pool type is that the design can be done depending on space availability. The pool can make space for a sit-out or trees/shrubs with the shape changed accordingly. This makes the pool stand out in appearance. It perfectly incorporates style and optimal design. It is the best design if you have a backdrop that doesn’t have too much greenery (like a desert home).

  1. Freeform Pools

As the name suggests, the freeform pool is made with a free shape. There are no geometric shapes here, and neither is mathematics applied. The shape of the pool can be in any way you want. It is the type of pool that seamlessly blends with the surroundings. This pool is the best option if you already have a garden or pre-existing elements in your backyard. You can use the available space to create a pool. The design can be in any shape or form to fit the space available. Curves and contours can be used in this design to make it look visually appealing. This pool gives you more space in the water. It looks natural and is more informal, making it an ideal choice for the young family to install in their backyard.

  1. Kidney-Shaped Pool

This kind of pool design is becoming very popular nowadays. It has many contours and angles that make the pool look attractive. The design is convenient to sit with your legs in the pool, soaking in the atmosphere. It has a retro type of feel that many people prefer. This basic shape can be extended with more design elements to make it look more attractive.

  1. The Lazy L

This is an L-shaped pool where you have a rectangular pool that takes a turn in one direction to form an L-shape. It is popularly called lazy L since it looks the L design looks lazy and incomplete. It is ideal for a backyard where the pool is close to your home. You can position the L near the back door so that you can enter the pool through the L corner. Another practical aspect is that the L-shaped part of the pool can be made shallow than the rectangular side. This allows you to easily create a kids pool in your pool so that the whole family can swim together.

  1. Custom Shaped Or Novelty Design

When it comes to design, there are no limits. Designers can come out with innovative and unique designs. The same is true even for swimming pools. You can create an innovative pool in your home using a custom design. These designs can be in the shape you want. While the freeform fits into the available space, the custom design creates the design of your choice. The design may look like Mickey Mouse or like a fish. You can create a design to match the style of your home. You can incorporate elements of your choice like adding a lazy river or an infinity pool edge. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom pools.

Based on your preference and the availability of space, you can choose any of these designs. The information given here should help you choose the best design.

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