A New Generation Of Water Filter Systems Engineered For Your 21st Century Kitchen


Water Filter System

Homeowners who’ve had to live with hard tap water for a while know just how damaging it can be. It not only causes a greasy residue to be left on plates and dinnerware, the minerals and chemicals it contains can cause real damage to appliances such as dishwashers and boilers. More importantly, hard water can damage your skin and hair. But at the base, it just plain doesn’t taste good.

So then, what’s the ultimate solution to getting great-tasting water? One option is water filtration, such as the Brita reverse osmosis system, which removes almost all the minerals and chemicals that can turn your everyday tap water into H2O so drinkable, you won’t ever need to purchase environmentally wasteful plastic bottles of Perrier or Fiji again. Although these systems can be installed by a homeowner who happens to be handy around the house, it’s suggested that the installation be entrusted to licensed plumbing professional.

That said, water filtration system popularity in the 2020s seems to be on the rise. A new report states that with plastics, as in plastic water bottles, “taking a major toll on the planet,” water filters and water filtration systems that make your water taste great are becoming more popular than ever before.

The proof can be found in a new generation of water filters that are said to be replacing the old clunky faucet attachments and plastic pitchers that were so common in the twentieth century. Some of these filters are said to be so stylish they are featured in the best design magazines.

If you’re in the market for a new water filtration system, here are five brand new “green” options you can choose from.

Berkey Water Filtration

The Big Berkey is said to be a cost-effective, “utilitarian alternative” to an under-counter reverse osmosis filtration system since it sits on your kitchen counter. It offers serious filtration, turning unpalatable hard water into an almost spring water-like experience.

Walter Countertop Filter

Unlike the more industrial-looking Berkey, Walter has become famous for its stylish ceramic countertop filtration systems that feature a lustrous, organic shape. This water filter system is said to be good-looking but fully functional. Berkey is also a family-operated small business run by a father/daughter team.

Soma Water Pitcher

Said to be the first water pitcher style filtration system engineered as a stylish glass carafe, the Soma pitcher was initially launched in 2013 by a rather successful Kickstarter campaign. Just like a more traditional pitcher you might keep in your refrigerator, the Soma can filter out mercury, chlorine, iron, plus other toxic minerals and chemicals that make your water taste terrible.

While the Soma glass pitcher is defined (or branded) by its “classic Chemex-esque shape,” its filter will require replacing every two months, just like older model pitchers.

Hydros Water Pitcher

The aptly named Hydros water pitcher is said to be very similar in water filtration functionality to the Soma, but it’s constructed with a much taller, slim shape. In addition, its colorful handle choices are fast becoming a favorite among homeowners and apartment dwellers who live in their kitchens.

Hydros also donates one percent of its net sales annually to environmentally conscious charities like Oceanic Global.

Lifestraw Filtering System

Says home design and sustainability writer Laura Fenton; if you’re in the market for a higher level of water filtration, Lifestraw has engineered survival straws that are so effective in removing contaminants, you can use them to sip brown water from a mud puddle. Something to consider adding to your survival pack the next time you head into the Amazon Jungle on a trekking adventure.

Their recently introduced glass water pitchers are good-looking and, like their survival straw predecessors, offer powerful filtration. They filter PFSAs (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), lead, chlorine, iron, microplastics, and other toxins/minerals.

Lifestraw’s green business give-back model mandates that for every filtering system purchased, a needy child will receive safe drinking water for up to a full year.

Clean, drinkable, soft tap water is an essential part of your daily life. It is also a major component of maintaining good health. Whether you choose a reverse osmosis water filtration system that’s professionally installed by a licensed and certified plumbing contractor, or a stylish counter-based water filter, it is entirely up to you. But one thing is for certain; filtered water can not only enhance your health, but it can also help save the planet by drastically reducing the amount of plastic waste.

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