A New Roof Checklist for Homeowners


A New Roof Checklist for Homeowners

According to Roofing Contractor magazine’s “2015 State of the Industry Survey,” contractors expect a bullish year for the industry, with as many as 72% of residential roofers expecting gains in revenue this year. These increases are likely to be spurred by greater demand for roof installation, repairs, and replacements. Within the commercial roofing sector, 79% of roofers expressed the same optimism.

This outlook has merit. After all, homeowners consider a roof to be a lasting and worthwhile investment. Aside from providing excellent exterior protection from the elements, a roof can also enhance curb appeal and curb energy consumption – if it’s properly installed, that is. To make the most of your investment, there are a few important things to consider when installing a new roof.

The Scope of Your Project

The Scope of Your Project

Do you need to tear your roof off completely or replace a few shingles here and there? Assess the extent of the required installation by determining the following:

  • Age of the roof. An asphalt shingle roof that’s 25 years old or more is a roof that’s well past its prime. If you are unsure of the age of your roof, schedule a roof inspection.
  • Signs of damage. Issues such as curled shingles, rotted decking, or water sports in the attic usually point to the need for a new roof.

Also, it’s important to check your local building codes for any regulations that could either hamper your reroofing plans or require you to scrap them altogether.



Getting a new roof is an excellent way to enhance your home’s exterior appeal. Most roofing materials suit a wide range of architectural styles. Metal, for example, pairs well with everything from traditional to modern homes. Slate and clay are ideal for homes in coastal areas.

Material Costs

Peak Roofing

Your choice of roofing material also factors into the cost of the overall project. Asphalt shingle squares cost far less than slate, for instance. Other considerations that contribute to the expense are house dimensions, roof slope, complexity, roof weight, number of levels, and the typical weather and climate conditions at your location.

Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements

Lastly, installation – whether it’s a new installation or a reroof – hinges upon established guidelines and practices. And it is policed by your local community, state, and international bodies. Some of the things that you should be careful with are:

  • Permit acquisition. Installing a new roof or re-roofing an existing one requires a permit, and there are different rules on the process, depending on local county or state guidelines.
  • In some states, roofing contractors have to be licensed; in others, they can just be certified. Check with your state to find out requirements for a professional roofing contractor, as well as other related critical information.

Going with the right contractor can make a world of difference. Picking the right roofer is critical to your investment and getting successful project results.

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  1. Nice post! As a roofing contractor, I’d add that to find a courteous, reliable, professional contractor, I would check references! Here’s a couple of tips:

    – Ask neighbors if they know of any roofing contractors that they or people they know have used and liked (or disliked)

    – Do some online sleuthing. If a company has little or no online presence, this may be a red flag. A well established company with good reviews will (usually) make themselves known to the internet-world. Side note: beware of fake reviews.

    Hope this helps!


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