A Quick Guide To Decorative Surface Materials


Decorative Surface Materials

Giving a new look is a dream of every human being, and it is not even a difficult task to do. Still, one thing that is a very difficult and important decision to be made is what kind of decorative materials to use and where. Decorative surface material comes in various options and includes broadly two types, i.e., overlays and coatings. Overlays include foils, papers, TFL, veneers, high-pressure laminate, etc. And they come in different forms, such as liquid and powder, which are used in different industries for Decorative purposes. Decorative surface materials from ForestOne are one of the best materials for your place. You will find everything you require to decorate your home, office, or any other place.

The technique of applying these decorative material surfaces is very different and unique; hence special skills are required to perform such tasks. Previously people don’t use to give much importance to design and décors, but now the design industry is playing a much more important role in everyone’s life, now people are ready to spend a good amount of money to give their house that unique aesthetic look or you can say make it Instagram worthy. The decorative surface will bring elegance to your room or your favourite sitting area. You can change the look of your house by just changing the wallpapers, coverings, highlighters, or panels. There are hundreds and thousands of things available which will give a new look to your house, let’s learn about them.

  1. Shelves

Nowadays, shelves are gaining much popularity because of their aesthetics. They come in wooden, steel, and hardboard material which you can place on your wall. These can be placed in different shapes and sizes as per your choice, above your sofa set or a console table. They give a nice and new look to your living room or your bedroom and come in different colours so that you can match it up with your wallpaper. They come in a roll, and we will always suggest you use non-adhesive or non-skid shelves for better results and to save your wall from any damages. You can use them to keep your books, or you can place them in the kitchen for crockery and utensils, and you can place it in your living room and decorate it with decorative items. They are not easy to install, so you can ask any carpenter to do the job.

  1. Wooden Flooring And Vinyl

If you want to have different floors other than tiles and marble, then wooden flooring is a perfect option for you. Apart from giving a nice look to your interiors, it is also long-lasting and easy to clean. You don’t have to waste your time in removing dirt from the floor; just a simple wipe from the wet cloth will do the job also; since it’s wooden, you can’t use more water for the cleaning. After some years, when the wood gets faded, you can refinish your hardwood and give it a new look by changing the design and colour. This process is very affordable and can be done easily without any outsider’s help.

On the other hand, installing a vinyl floor will also help you save your bucks because it is cheap and will give you a wooden look. It comes in a variety of designs and colours, which you have to stick to the floor with the help of glue. You can match it up with the interior of your living room, dining room, or your bedroom.

  1. Laminates

These are the most famous type of decorative surface, which includes MDF, plywood, particleboard, wooden furniture, etc. They come in many prints and designs. There are five types of laminates:

  1. Decorative Laminates

It will give an aesthetic look to your interiors and can be used to do overlays or furniture, and the options are unlimited.

  1. Industrial Laminates

Since they are used in industries, they are made up of heavy material, which avoids any wear or tear of the surface.

  1. Compact Laminates

They are generally made up of thick materials and don’t require to be glued.

  1. Post-Formed Laminates

They are thin types of laminates that are generally used on tables, columns, etc.

  1. High Pressure And Low-Pressure Laminates

The only difference in these laminates is the pressure. Different pressure is used for different surface materials.

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