A Revolutionary Way To Rid Yourself Of Bed Bugs


Eco Friendly Pest Control

The environment is a delicate thing, and more people every day are searching for environmentally friendly solutions to their problems. While it might seem strange that you want to protect the environment while you remove bed bugs (which are themselves living creatures), even being an activist has its limits. There are ecologically sound ways to dispatch these bugs.

Dangerous Chemicals Begone

The classic solution to any bug problem is to use this or that poison merely. It is relatively easy to find all types of poisonous substances that can remove bed bugs, along with many other kinds of insects. Unfortunately, the toxins that are in these kinds of chemicals can do more damage than merely getting rid of the insect population.

If you have pets or children, you need to be careful about the possibilities. If they get into a toxic chemical, it can cause them to become very sick. This is not even thinking about the more significant issue of the environment as a whole. Your home is a microcosm of the entire ecosystem, where pets and children have to live because there is nowhere else.

Ice Them Bugs

The old mob term of “icing” someone means to get rid of them in a very permanent sense. It can be fun to take on a silly gangster accent and talk about icing the bed bugs in your home. One exciting and environmentally friendly development allows you to do just that.

Cryonite is a form of carbon dioxide snow that is shot at high velocity toward the area where bed bugs are. While direct contact is not necessary, this type of pest remover is as useful as a Tommy gun at close range. The bugs cannot escape, they cannot breathe, and they cannot survive the cold. Since carbon dioxide is harmless to the environment, you do not have to worry about nature being harmed by the use of cryonite.


Bed bugs are relatively challenging to weed out because they are masters of hiding. They are tiny, and they can go fairly deep into cracks and crevices. Traditionally, you had to use something air-based and dangerous to stop them once and for all. Fortunately, there are new options that are not that new at all.

Steam has always been a form of matter that water can become. Using a specialized steam machine, steam treatments can remove bed bugs that are hiding up to 2 inches into a gap. The bugs cannot take the heat, and neither can their eggs. The effect on the environment is no worse than giving your slacks a good steam cleaning.

Remove Them With Fire

You do not need to set your home on fire to remove bed bugs. However, an individual heating unit can be used to heat entire rooms to more than 122 degrees, which is ample for eliminating bed bugs in only a couple of hours. This is the best permeating form of bed bug control there is, as it reaches everywhere.

Using BBENYC Bed Bug Heat may be just the way to save your home while also protecting the environment.

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