A Small Guide On How To Add Style And Personalize Your Home


Personalize Your Home

You surely dream of having a fanciful, stylish house that highlights your personality and hobbies and makes your guests feel at home. Every day we see beautiful rooms, apartments, houses, and gardens and pick up on dreamy decor ideas on how we could beautify our homes.

Regardless of our budget, big or small improvisations and cheap or costly objects can add a little more spark to your rooms.

Keep reading to grasp what aspects you should work on to add style and personality to your home.

Declutter And Make Space For New Objects

Cluttered spaces lead to confused minds. Stuff that doesn’t bring joy to you anymore but rather irritates you won’t make you feel at peace in your own home.

To get rid of piles of trifles with decluttering and storage is the first step in changing the air in your home. You surely keep no longer-in-use stuff, decorations that make wiping the dust hard, paintings you don’t vibe with anymore, and kitchen utensils that stay in your way when you cook. If you do, it might be time you sorted and threw them out.

Start embellishing your house by determining what does not spark joy in your rooms and get rid of those things. This way, not only will you free your living space up, but stress less about finding lost objects.

Personality Is Key

To personalize your living place, you must consider your hobbies. If you like reading, invest in new books or a new library. If that proves too costly, search for tips and tricks to redecorate your old library on a budget. Not only will you make your room more charming, but you will make the reading experience more pleasant.

The same goes if you like to have a guest-friendly house and enjoy having friends. Most likely, when you meet, you want to catch up and have a meal or a glass of wine, share a peal of laughter and tell stories. Everything happens around the couch, chairs, and table: the most welcoming furniture pieces in a house. They have to be big and comfy. To add comfort to those units, leave some thrown blankets and pillows around, and cover your sofa and chairs with slipcovers matching the room’s design. Or choose a stain-removable, comfy and aesthetic fabric coverlet to keep the warmth away on hot summer days. Either way, there’s a wide variety of choices, especially if you search for these products online.

Choose The Proper Fabrics

Textiles highlight your taste and personality. Not only clothes add comfort and style to our lives, but also the fabrics in our rooms. They come in numerous shades, colors, and types, and there is a wide range of prices for them.

  • Cotton is a textile commonly used for more than just bedsheets. This environmentally-friendly fabric is durable, versatile, hypo-allergenic, and comfy, resists different temperatures, and absorbs sweat.
  • Polyester is a sturdy, relatively stain-resistant material used for bedding and curtains. It is a popular home décor fabric and is commonly mixed with other materials.
  • Silk feels very soft and flowy and makes your bedroom look elegant when covering your bed. Silk curtains add a high-end look to a room as well. It requires careful washing and ironing because it is delicate, and you must pay attention when you are around it because it stains easily. If you only care about the silky aspect and want a cheaper version, you can opt for nylon. It is commonly used for upholstery and curtains; if it is damaged, you can replace it at a fraction of the cost of silk fabric products.
  • Chiffon fabric is a plain-woven and mash-like fashion and is common throughout people’s wardrobes and houses. This material is generally made from silk, cotton, or synthetic materials.
  • Choose something different if you want a more ornamental style. Jacquard fabrics are among the most popular types of fabrics. It is a textured material with intricate designs woven into it instead of printed, colored, or embroidered on top. It is typically found on high-end furniture, drapes, curtains, and duvet covers. It is also used for dresses, suit jackets, costumes, and more to bring class and refinement to the look. Like chiffon fabric, different materials are used to acquire jacquard fabric, and cotton, silk, and synthetic fibers are among the most utilized.

You can opt for Baroque or Baroque fabric clothes or upholstery too. Of course, it differs in texture and looks, but it is an elaborated patterned and woven fabric acquired through the Jacquard loom technique as well.

After deciding which material suits your needs and preferences the best, you can think about adding a touch of personality to it by choosing fabric patterns and designs.

Extra Tip! Update The lighting.

The lighting of a room is one of the most critical aspects that set a room’s atmosphere and vibration.

Migraines, tiredness, and loss of focus can be outcomes of an under or over-illuminated space. Sunlight is the most eye-friendly light, but it isn’t easy to control.

What we can do about it is to change dark color curtains to lighter ones to let more light in and bring a sense of openness. Brightness in a room intensifies human emotions.

Contrarily, choose a gloomy color palette and pick thick fabric curtains if you want to foster privacy, relaxation, imagination, and fantasy. A room with minimal light helps you get in touch with your true self better.

And if your tastes in how you like your room lightened change according to mood swings, the most excellent solution is to go for smart lights. It is an advanced and smart way that allows you to control the lighting in your chamber from a remote control and smartphone app.

Fairy lights make you happier by triggering dopamine, the chemical in our brains that allows us to feel good. Plus, they enhance the aesthetics of a room and cause magical effects at night. They bring joy, and you can hang or place them everywhere in the house, as they come in a broad range of sizes and colors. They are soul-uplifting must-have kids, men and women adore, not to say how much your friends will love this trick.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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