A Stained Glass Art Just Sold For $38.000 At A Private Auction


Glass Art

With an early prominence in religious spaces, stained glass is a traditional medium that has really begun to evolve in the last few decades into new and innovative utilities. The great news is that there are a whole host of artists out there who are pushing the envelope and making waves in the art world – for example, did you know that a stunning piece of stained glass art just sold for $38.000 at a private auction? These sorts of numbers are only reached when outstanding craftsmanship and a higher level of design are achieved, so let’s take a look at the face behind this enormous accomplishment.

Big-Hitting Glass Art

The artist behind this amazing sale is Csilla Soós, a standout name in Central Europe, whose reach extends into further European countries and even America. With over 25 years in the industry, she has been awarded an apostolic blessing from Pope Francis (in 2016, for her work creating stained glass windows for over thirty churches). She has hosted multiple stained glass art shows and even has studios in both California and Florida, where she is aiming to spend most of her time.

Filigree Shapes

About Onde Della Terra, Otherwise Known As ‘Waves Of The Earth’

A huge piece coming in at nearly 25 pounds (or 12+ kilograms), this fantastic example of glass art is 90 x 130 cm tall with a total of 1.17 m2 (or 35″ x 51″, 12.6 square feet). Taking inspiration from the wonders of the natural world, Csilla aimed to combine the essence of earth, air, fire and water to create an innovative, intricate composition that took the art world by storm.

Csilla says, “This work of art is one of my favourites. I’ve always loved nature, wandering in nature, land, water, good air, and plants. Through this creation, I wanted to draw attention to the beauty of the materials surrounding us”, and she certainly achieved just that.

There is a clear focus on the harmony of nature. The work elicits feelings of synchronicity and the brilliance of Mother Earth and the human ability to seamlessly take materials and piece them together to build a soft yet playful illustration that encourages thought. While a huge amount of effort went into shaping over thirty pieces of glass into wavy, filigree shapes, the timeless beauty stored within each facet is nothing short of captivating.

And one art lover seemed to agree by paying out an astounding $38,000 for the privilege of owning such a unique, poignant piece. Imagine having an expertly crafted piece of European glass art hanging in your home? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to wake up to a light-reflecting, colourful, thought-provoking gem every day?

If you’d like to see Waves Of The Earth in all its glory, you can stop by Csilla Soós’s website right here at https://en.sooscsilla.com/. With many more astounding pieces in the works and to come in the future, it’s safe to say watch this space – if Csilla can’t do it for you from stained glass, it can’t be done.

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