A Starter’s Guide For Choosing Flooring In Your Remodel


A Starter’s Guide For Choosing Flooring

Our flooring probably takes more abuse than any other part of the home. Constant foot traffic, dropped items, spilled drinks. The list goes on and on. When a remodeling project comes along, it is essential to choose durable, attractive flooring that will meet your needs. Let’s look through four things you should consider during the first steps of the selection process.

How Will It Be Used?

Formal rooms with only occasional use do well with higher-maintenance floorings, such as light-colored carpets or ceramic tile. As the room becomes busier, though, the floor will need to be ready for the extra work. You will also want a floor that is easier to clean since those more occupied spaces will require it more frequently. If you have young children, you will want a low-pile carpet in the rooms where they play–but not where they eat!

Where Are People Walking In From?

Maintaining your flooring starts with containing dirt as much as possible. Flooring just inside an exterior door should not involve carpeting. The wet, dirty feet of those who enter will quickly stain it, and their footsteps will be concentrated in a small area that will permanently flatten the carpet. Instead, utilize hardwood flooring for durability, then add a washable throw rug to capture water and dirt.

What Is Your Budget?

Because flooring is so heavily used, you should invest in the very best you can afford. Cutting corners on the carpet for any room, not just your busiest spaces, will lead to an earlier need for replacement. Those replacement costs can be avoided with a little more investment. So build your project’s entire budget with accurate figures to ensure that you know just how much is available for flooring.

What Is Your Decor?

Some people make the mistake of choosing a room’s elements separately. They go to the paint store and fall in love with a color, then go to the flooring store and get excited about a particular flooring. When it’s all installed, it looks disjointed and confusing. Remember your color schemes, theme, and lighting as you choose your flooring.

The flooring you choose is a big part of how you are to remodel turns out. With so many choices on the market, it can be overwhelming to pick through them and try to settle on just one per room. The steps we’ve just outlined can help you do some quick work to eliminate a lot of the options. From there, you’ll have a manageable list of choices to consider, making the process faster and easier.

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