Accent Piece Ideas For A Rustic Interior


Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

There is something very comforting about a rustic-styled room. It’s relaxing and serene, and many people have picked up on this fact as it has become one of the most enduring home aesthetics of the past number of decades. But just because it’s a popular style choice does not mean that it has to look the same in every case and lack personality. There are many different ways to achieve this look, making each home a unique place with different focal points. The style doesn’t even need to be continued throughout the entire place and can be employed in a single room. Rustic decor is a great option in bedrooms especially, because of the relaxing and calming look of many of these spaces. Some features can be employed to achieve this effect.

Natural Materials

One of the go-to features of this room is raw, unfinished, or natural materials. This includes everything from exposed brick and stone to wood. These materials really help achieve the feel of a cabin in the woods without traveling there. They do this by incorporating nature into the decor of the room itself. One of the benefits of these things is that they don’t have to be perfectly polished to fit in with space, meaning that if something is still a little bit rough around the edges, you don’t need to stress about it. This also is the case with any exposed beams that you might have in the space. This is one of the few cases that would add to the overall ambiance of the place. When it comes to wood, which is a staple of the rustic, darker tones are particularly effective in these rooms. You can use dark wooden headboards and dressers. This is a good place to start the process.

Tones And Colours

The key to rustic bedrooms is letting go of bright colors. Keep everything in the room neutral tones and if you opt to use colors, make sure that they are ones you would see in the natural world. They should be muted and not attention-grabbing. The same goes for items with intricate patterns; they should be avoided. The trick is to rely on natural textures for visual depth rather than colors or patterns. Neutral tones will highlight the texture of the wood grain, the porousness of the brick, and cracks in the stone. This once again places the focus back on nature, which is in the end what makes rustic bedrooms so relaxing to spend time in.

Decor And Textiles

Anything you use to decorate the room should follow the same principles as the furniture and the walls. They should be neutral tones and ideally be made from raw natural materials. An example is to focus on wooden or dark metallic frames for pictures or mirrors. Another good idea is to bring plants into the equation. Whether you prefer succulents or other more typical plants like spider plants, this is an easy way to add space. Also, don’t be afraid to go to vintage stores or flea markets to find items that will suit the room.

Finally, when it comes to textiles, don’t shy away from texture. Linen, for instance, goes well in a rustic bedroom and is a great option for window treatments. A heavy wool throw blanket is another way to achieve this, but do not forget to stick to neutral colors. Bright colors are great in other styles, but they do not suit a rustic aesthetic.

Accent Pieces

One of the fun things about choosing to do a rustic bedroom is that there is a lot of room to incorporate fun and quirky pieces, which would be hard to incorporate into another space. This could be an old milk urn or a wheelbarrow that you have repurposed, but it will suit a rustic bedroom regardless. These kinds of accent pieces allow homeowners and decorators to have fun with space while also allowing them to add in a bit of their personality. It will be these pieces that visitors will remember the most and stick out when they think about it. They are great places to use hand-me-down or vintage furniture that does fit in anywhere else. The rustic mix and match nature are great for giving you the freedom to figure out what works best. It is also for a DIY attitude, so experiment with different items or furniture and see how it turns out.

Use The Space

We already touched on the fact that this style does not require polished items in decoration and furniture, but this is also the case for the structure of the room itself. Leave the brick exposed and don’t feel the need to hide any exposed beams that there might be. All of this only adds to the overall ambiance of the room.

In Conclusion…

In the end, your home is your haven, and it should be a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle. It should also be a place that you feel comfortable relaxing and unwinding in at the end of a long day. This is especially true for your bedroom. After all, it is one of the most personal and private spaces that there is. So take the little extra time and effort to make sure that you love everything going into it. There is no point in decorating and redoing a room that you won’t like or get sick of quickly. Rustic designs are great options for all of the reasons already mentioned, so it is worth looking into as an idea. It is a popular aesthetic that isn’t mass-produced, so it allows you the freedom to do whatever you want with space. It also does not have to cost a lot of money and can even be done on a budget.

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