Acrylic Pouring Supplies- What You Need For Your Paintings


Acrylic Pouring Supplies

The acrylic pouring supplies allows you to start pouring even with a minimal amount. There are some supplies you can begin the Acrylic Pouring technique with, and they range from required to optional supplies. With that, you can create your pour paintings quickly and cheaply with the different methods.

Firstly, you will need to find out the necessary things to get started with pouring painting supplies if you are a beginner. In other words, you might want to ask- what supplies do you need for pour painting, like the best acrylic paints for beginners? Hence, acrylic pour painting. Acrylic pour painting is a new art technique that produces/creates unique paintings.

Pouring Supplies

Again, to start with, what pour painting supplies will you need? How will each quantity be used for the painting? This article highlights the fundamentals of acrylic pour painting supplies.


You can do acrylic pour painting on different types of surfaces. Primed wood panels are ideal because of their ability to withstand heavy paint. The rear surfaces can make painting successfully:

  1. Wood panels
  2. Ampersand Gessorbord Panels
  3. Stretched canvases

Please note that before painting, however, you might need to brush on a coat of gesso and allow it to dry for the day.

Moreover, you need not worry about a canvas sagging with a bit of pour painting or whether you do a larger pour painting on a stretched canvas.

You can get these canvases, wood panels, and Gessobords in many art supply stores around you. You can as well make an order online. The multi-packs approach is a way to do a lot of pour paintings and still save some money.

Further, you can deploy some creativity by using ceramic tiles or old records for your paintings.

Gesso And Paint Brush

You will need a bottle of gesso for your painting if you want to use a canvas. The essence of using the acrylic primer is because of its ability to help paint adhere to the canvas. Some great choices here are Liquitex Basics, Liquitex Professional, or Golden Gesso. Meanwhile, you will also need a flat paintbrush or sponge brush to apply the gesso to the surface.

Paints For Pour Painting

The best type of color for pour painting is liquid or soft body acrylic paints. This is for no other reason than how they are consistently in a liquid state and can be easily poured. These paints vary in cost and quality, but two great options are the artist quality or craft acrylics.

When you are selective with colors, artist-quality liquid acrylics can be considerably expensive. Thus, craft acrylics are an excellent choice for beginners who are just learning and are yet to master the pouring technique.


Pouring medium is the thing you will mix with your acrylic paints, which provides a marbled effect on the surface when poured. This helps distinguish among different colors rather than blend them into a single color as you get with mixed paints without the medium. Ensure you use a high-quality pouring medium to avoid cracks when the paint dries.


The essence of applying coats of varnish after drying is to enhance your picture. In other words, it gives your images the final touch and protects them from light or moisture once they get dried. Apply the varnish with a paintbrush or with a silicone make-up sponge. Not only that, you can refine your picture with Resin.

100% Silicone Oil

Did you know? You can create cells throughout your painting with just a few drops of pure silicone oil. Add some drops to your paint mixtures. You can choose the Demco Acrylic Silicone Oil or other brands which work as beautiful.

Other acrylic pouring supplies are distilled water, painting knife/spatula, glitter powder, hairdryer, rubber bottles, squeeze bottles, wax paper, aluminum baking pans, plastic drop cloth, and many others.

Also, get an art smock, paper towels, and other optional pour painting supplies like straws, safety glasses, level, measuring spoons and cups, and painter’s tape.


Candidly, if you are entirely new to Acrylic pouring, you might find the topic of the pouring supplies somewhat confusing. But with the compilation of those things you need to get started, you will be exceptionally equipped to begin your acrylic pouring endeavor, applying the different techniques. When you have the right and necessary acrylic pouring supplies in place, it prepares you better and enhances your ability to handle or master all types of acrylic pouring techniques.

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