Add Glitz To Glam-Up Interiors With Metallic Designs: Mid Year Plan


Interiors With Metallic Designs

It’s the middle of the year, and you’ve faced the truth. You still haven’t found the right design for your interiors.

Lots of Pinterest and Instagram ideas showed you that metal shades and decors are the way to go. Does the year of the Metal Ox limit your interior perspective? So, how should you go about these ideas in real life?

Mixing metals seems tricky. The pictures you see online are not how they materialize. The glittering gold and silver feel too dull now to use. And the cost of changing your metallic decors might not fit your budget.

Take a breath. It’s not too late! Today’s article walks you through recreating your spaces with metallic decors. Revive your love for design and recreate your homes from dull to divine.

Metamorph With Metals: From The Walls Down To Your Floors

You don’t have to be a Benoit or be friends with Michael Smith to glam up your kitchen floors or bedroom walls. Here are ideas on how to choose metallic shades and combine furniture using the right perspective.

  1. Choose The Right Metallic Colors Starting With Your Kitchen Floors

As the mid-year starts, you may want to take a look at your kitchens. This part of the home is probably where you still haven’t lain a designer’s eye on. Also, you doubt that metallic designs will work in this area. But why not. You can work the steel look for the floors to make it coherent with your steel wares. Here’s what you can do.

Resurface the floors with monotone metallic floor coating. One efficient way to achieve a kitchen flooring that glistens is with metallic epoxy. Choose monotone colors such as green tea, mint, and silver-gray. These colors are subdued but not dull, perfect for the kitchens. Now you have something that can also match with your epoxy counter tabletops.

The concrete kitchen floors now look divine with polished floors. You can also rely on your local flooring installer to do a seamless job for you and give you a concrete resurfacing costs estimate.

  1. Shades Of Neutrals To Paint Luxury To Your Walls

At first, metallic colors seem too much. The tricky part of mixing metallic colors in your home is not to overdo it. The subtle metallic paint is possible. Take a preview of metal-like colors from light to dark to match your walls at home.

1- Subdued Metallic For Silence In The Bedroom

Choose metallic colors that come from the subdued part of your color wheel. If you want to recreate your bedroom and add a warm and calming feel in subdued metal colors, is how you can choose.

You can ask for custom colors like these from PPG Paints or your local designer and home renovators of the following tints:

  • Mingle for a subtle dark blue
  • Whimsical Woods for a subdued green
  • Pink Smolder for subdued feminine color
  • Blessing for a calming but subdued shade of white
  • Misty Frost, Flatter, and Oxidized, for a masculine feel or a subdued darker contrast for your rooms.

2- Luscious Neutrals To Revive Life In The Living Rooms

You can use metallic designs and match them with neutrals from the color spectrum. This will especially work if you have concrete floors Tampa in your home’s family room. You can save sweat and spend more fam time by leaving the floors as is and just do some repainting on the walls.

Here are metallic paints that fit a luxury OC style or Upper East vibe living room:

  • Champagne Metallic. This subtle shade of gold from Modern Masters is perfect for walls that frame your fireplace. You can just match the floors with a light-colored carpet. Feel the warmth emanating in the room. Then, relax with someone on the sofa while facing the luscious wall reflected by the spark from the embers on your fireplace.
  • Molten Metallics. Have you seen the neo-futuristic designs in modern architecture today? These designs work well with metallic concepts but do not overdo them. Start by painting your walls with molten metallic. Benjamin Moore offers variants of these new sets of metallic paints that you can check out.
  1. Steel Furniture And Glass Windows

If you don’t like metallic chairs and tables inside your homes anymore, why not bring them out to your pool or patio. Then, complete the setup with a pool deck coating Houston to polish the outdoor floors.

You can take your luxury home to the next level by creating huge glass windows. This way, you can overlook a divine scene to your outdoors. Instead of buying a new set of furniture, why not just toss around the pieces you have inside and recreate the setup in your backyard. Your steel chairs will be perfect to create a nice lounging area by the pool. Then, redesign your glass windows the frames from your steel doors. That setup lets you see the glistening view from the outside in.

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