Adorable Decor Ideas for a Woodsy Cabin Look


Whether you live in a secluded and quiet forest or a busy apartment in the middle of a bustling city, making a few small changes can infuse your rooms or an entire home with the charm of a woodsy cabin. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that rustic, outdoors style.



Whether it’s a beautiful iron gas fireplace or one set in the wall with gorgeous masonry, your fire is the central element to making space feel rustic and cabin-like. Everything else in the room will emphasize and add to this centerpiece, and your family can sit around the fire and enjoy the warmth every night.

When the fireplace is lit, you’re still adding to the rustic elements. The warm orange glows of the flames casts lovely light and shadows, making the room feel warm and cozy.

Natural Elements

DIY Wood Table

What better way to give a room a more woodsy feel than to bring in elements found in, itself. Stone tile on the walls or live edge reclaimed wood pub table tops feature the natural and beautiful imperfections that create the organic sense of growth you find on a walk outside. Whatever natural elements you can find will only increase and accentuate the other rustic decor in your home. Check out places like The Lumber Shack to find unique conversation starters to add to your home.

Depending on your tastes, these natural elements can also include fur blankets or animal busts. Fur blankets are some of the warmest and softest sheets you will ever find, and if they’re not dyed unnatural colors, tie in with the warm browns, and earth tones found elsewhere in the room.

Stylized Art

Western patterns on comforters make a bedroom look straight out of a campground or western film. Do a little research on the region’s history and look for paintings done to harken back to that time. These little touches make the cabin-like feel of a room that much more believable.
Natural elements and stylized art can also be combined when it comes to items such as stone or wood. Artisans can create stunning creature works, even in everyday things like tables and chairs, that both use the growth or formation patterns of the material and the stylization of art.

These tips are only the basics you need to get started. With a little creativity, every aspect of your room or home can be adapted to accentuate the rustic look and homey feeling you want.


  1. Kyle Winters Kyle Winters

    I agree with the article, elements of nature really are one of the best ways to bring out a rustic feel in any cabin. Wood is usually a fantastic way to accomplish this such as with the picture of the wooden table provided in the article. That rich, dark brown wood with the beautiful grain just screams that it belongs in a log cabin setting.


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