Advantages Of Using Electric Shavers


Everybody has their style and preferences. When it comes to your care, you will never want to compromise with it.

Choosing a specific shaver form a wide range of shavers available in the market is difficult. You know the best what will fit for you.

But, electric shavers nowadays are getting more popular for various reasons like convenient use, versatility, etc. These shavers are also suitable for sensitive skin, and you will get a smooth shave when you are in a rush without irritating your skin.

We have mentioned here the top 5 advantages of using electric shavers. These features may help you to make your decision.

  1. Shave Faster Than Manual Razors Or Easy And Faster Shave

Braun Series 7 790cc Mens Electric Foil Shaver

With an electric shaver, you can shave faster than manual razors, and it is more convenient to use. It doesn’t require any pre-shaving preparation. You won’t need the time-consuming process like wetting your hair, applying shaving cream or foam and aftershave, etc.

When you are in a rush, just take your shaver, turn it on and shave. Use a short stroke at a time. If needed, go through the second or third pass.

After shaving, clean it properly and charge fully for your next shave.

  1. Save Money

Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

We know electric shavers are expensive. It’s true!

But, it saves you money.


I’m explaining.

Electric shaver needs higher investment initially. But, it will save you money in the long run.

If you use electric shavers, you don’t need to apply shaving cream, soap, or after shaving lotion or cream. These are not expensive at all.

But, multi-blade cartridges are expensive, and the blades last for a few shaves. You have to change the razor blades after a few shaves, which will make your cost high.

On the other hand, an electric shaver lasts for several years. Considering these electric shavers will save your money.

  1. Close Shave

BaKblade 1.0 Back Hair Removal and Body Shaver

With traditional razors, there are chances of cuts or razor burns. But, with an electric shaver, you can easily shave any part of your body without worrying about it, and you can go for a more close shave.

Foil shavers are specially designed to shave any flat surfaces of your body. You can go for shaving as close as possible to your flat skin areas like the neck, cheek, etc.

On the other hand, rotary shavers are designed to reach every contour of your body. These are flexible enough and can reach as closest as possible to the difficult areas of your body and give you a smooth shave.

  1. Reduce Cuts And Nicks

Reduce Cuts And Nicks

An electric shaver will provide you a painless and comfortable shave.

Nothing can be more painful than nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. And an electric shaver is less likely to cause any cut or skin irritation.

Electric shavers are designed with a thin metal foil that covers the blades and works as a barrier to protect the skin. It will give you a more comfortable shave without any cuts and nicks, skin irritation, and razor burn.

  1. Allows Both Dry Or Wet Shaving

Braun Series 9 9093s Wet and Dry Waterproof Foil Shaver for Men

If anybody asks, Can I go for a wet shave with an electric shaver?

The answer is, “yes.” Of course, you can do it.

Most of the electric shavers are designed to use with water safely.

For a dry shave, what you are exactly doing is shaving without wetting your hair.

But, in case of sensitive skin or if you feel comfortable with wet shaving, you can use electric shaver without worrying. It will reduce the chances of cuts and nicks and also protect you from skin irritation.

Just wet your hair with water or use shaving cream and start shaving. It will give you even a more close shave than dry shaving.

Electric shavers are not an absolute cheaper shaver. But, when you will consider the long term use, then an electric shaver definitely will be worthy of what you are paying for.

Furthermore, if you consider the convenience and speed of a shaver and other features, then nothing can beat an electric shaver. Simply get ready with your electric shaver and start your day wonderfully.

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