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Most people do not think about the actual functionality of the kitchen in a household until it’s that wonderful time to choose a style that accommodates their space. Landing the perfect design for your ideal kitchen depends on a combination of certain factors such as budget, materials, and the desired general outlook.

You can have a beautiful kitchen without having to blow the bank as long as you keep grounded expectations and understand the type of materials that favor your place.

In preparation for this article, we interviewed a leading company in the remodeling industry Remodeling Expo. In the following lines, we’ll offer a few designs that balance most of these features on a tight budget.

Open Clean Design

Open Clean Design

An open design is probably the most straightforward approach to a kitchen ever, mainly because open designs are usually integrated into the overall look of a house. Spacious, clean designs often incorporate the dining room with the kitchen, but you can take a cue of the space limits as soon as you see kitchen equipment such as cupboards or a pan gallery.

Small Spaced Kitchens

The reduced housing space often found in cities make kitchens a limited commodity. This is a common issue in every major city in the world. A small kitchen, however, can be a blessing in disguise. U-shaped kitchens are often the preferred solutions chosen by developers to have functional spaces where homeowners can place their appliances and cook a meal while having anything at reach.

Wood-Clad Kitchens

The people avoiding wood to create their kitchen designs are missing out big time. The material has proven to be one of the most cost-efficient when it comes to design and equip a kitchen space. This is mainly because modern wood crafts are treated with fire-retardant chemicals as well as varnishes that keep the wood isolated and unaffected by moisture or any other environmental issues. Floors and furniture can be made using strong woods such as oak, maple, or cherry to get better results and a classic rustic look.

Industrial Style Kitchens

Industrial decors are the choice of many homeowners in big cities that usually prefer a rough metalized look for these spaces. They are easily identifiable as the darkest ambiance in the house or apartment. The distribution of furniture and equipment often meshes the unique decoration of the area previous to the kitchen. It makes it look like a natural blend that is not intrusive at all but is distinctive enough to stand out.

Stylish Trendy Kitchen

Stylish Trendy Kitchen

As the name implies, this is a kitchen that mixes all the modern trends and styles available in the market in a unique output that is often achieved when the homeowner has a chance to share his ideas and expectations with the home planner or contractor tasked with modifying the space. These kitchens make use of open spaces, are usually small-sized, and are equipped with the latest home appliances and technology to make them stand out based on their functionality.

Recycled Kitchen

A design that is based on the ability to reuse the previous install as the basis the create something brand new. You need to work with the home planner or contractor to decide what it stays and what it goes off your old kitchen. Pantries, cabinets, appliances, electric devices, sinks, and chairs are all fair game. Most of the time, these items need some fine-tuning, a new coat of paint to be ready and good to go again.

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