Affordable Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive


Who won’t want their bathroom to look like a complete lavish luxury? No one. But the bitter reality behind this dream is the cost price, which tops up the six-digit mark. But this doesn’t mean one can’t have the “illusion” of regal. It is easier than ever to fake the fancy, and that too for a fraction of the cost of a whole remodeling job. Minor changes and some additions can change the appeal of any washroom.

If you have wanted a bathroom makeover that would add in the luxe factor, then these six changes are going to do just that, without breaking the bank:

Updating the Leaky Pipes and Flushes

Beautiful Toilet Design

Leaky pipes surrounding the flushes and sink are the biggest scene killer, and nothing about them is appealing. Therefore, before heading towards anything, make sure that the pipes are checked and fixed. While the pipes near the sink won’t be much of a hassle to deal with, the ones surrounding the flush will give you a hard time- mainly because old flushes tend to lose their efficiency over time and waste a lot of water, corroding everything in its way. The best way to go about this is to invest in proper, efficient flushing toilets, like the toto toilets, that are known for its reliability, efficiency, and cost-efficiency.

Diverting the Focus on Statement Objects

Bathroom Mirror

Be it the sparkly faucets, a dark-textured or matte vanity, a large mirror or neatly folded towels; you need to add in these little statement objects to give the eye exciting things to look at. Little things like a Turkish bathroom mat, soap dishes, mono-color shower curtain, a large horizontal mirror with dark frame all add personality to any washroom, and the best part is that these little statement objects aren’t that expensive too.

Following a Neutral Color Palette

Luxury Washroom

A big part of any luxury appeal involves developing a color palette and sticking to it. A general rule of thumb is to use neutrals and combine them with bold colors while using the neutrals mostly and leaving the bright colors for creating visual points. For instance, you can keep the cabinets white and pair them with grey walls, making the sink wall the main wall and using a darker base of grey on it. You can also introduce textures on the main wall in the form of wallpapers and tiles.

Link the Inside with the Outdoors

Contemporary Bathroom

Expensive bathrooms use the outdoor setting as a design element. This means calling in for new window treatments and making those small windows big so that the washroom gets a view of the outside. With bigger windows, more sunlight can flow in which can reduce your electricity usage during the day as well. You can also use house plants inside your washroom to give it that rustic, natural look.

Don’t Settle for Basic Lighting

Exotic Bathroom Interior

The lighting can make or break the whole look of your bathroom, and it is time you take it seriously. Fluorescent light bulbs might be convenient, but nothing about them speaks luxury. Yellow light spotlights can do the trick for you. If you got an old chandelier somewhere in your garage, you could even use that in the washroom too. Another sneaky way of adding in a spa-like appeal is to add strip lights behind mirrors and underside of open shelves. They create a glow-like effect, all while being incredibly cheap.


Bathroom Accessories

Be it art pieces, plants, using classy containers and soap dishes or including brass art pieces, you should never hold back when it comes to bringing in accessories in your washroom. This adds in a personalized touch. Just be sure to follow the color scheme and to not go overboard with it, because otherwise, it will look like clutter.

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