Air Conditioning: Repair Or Replace?


Air Conditioning: Repair Or Replace?Nothing is worse than knowing that your air conditioner will break down on one of the warmest days of the year or if your home is overflowing with out-of-town visitors. Every time your air conditioning system breaks down, you think to either repair it again or replace it. However, deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioner is not always straightforward. That’s just how things turn out. However, you can avoid that awful situation by having an AC repair in Tucson, AZ, and performing some routine maintenance at the start of the season.

Air conditioning repairs are typically significantly less expensive. However, this decision mightn’t always be better suited. On the other hand, a new air conditioner is a significant investment, but the initial cost might be too high.

While there is no dried and cut answer, properly analyzing the situation will help you choose a better option. But don’t be concerned. We have put together everything you need to know for making the call.

Let’s get started.

When It Is Time For Replacement

An older air conditioning system might collapse regularly. Moreover, the manufacturers can withdraw key mechanical components over time. The inability to repair broken parts indicates that replacing your air conditioner is better.

Here are a few more things to keep an eye out for

High Energy Bills

Over time, air conditioners undergo degradation. Besides, older units might consume more power than initially did while first installed. As your air conditioner gets increasingly less efficient, you may notice a rise in your electricity expenses. Damages to the unit may force it to function harder to cool your house, perhaps increasing costs. In any case, high costs could be a definite cause to get a new unit.

Low Seer Rating

While a low SEER score somehow doesn’t necessarily imply inefficiency, if your device does not meet the basic required score of 13, you should better consider upgrading. The SEER rating measures the power efficiency of air conditioners. In 2023, the minimum rating will be raised, placing aging units significantly farther behind.

Usage Of Freon

In 2020, the usage of R22, or freon gas, in air conditioning systems was ruled out by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Opt to look for a replacement if your air conditioner uses freon. Whenever your device has to be repaired, you might be unable to get freon.

Call a competent HVAC technician to evaluate and identify the problems with your air conditioner.

High Repair Costs

 When the ac becomes older, this might require more frequent repairs. If you waste a lot of money and time on maintenance, you might like to rethink purchasing a new one. Subsequently, we’ll go through the “$5,000 rule” at the end of this article.

When It Is Better To Repair

As I mentioned earlier, when it is better to replace, there are times and situations when repairing is a better option. These are.

The Air Conditioner Still Has Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the parts. On the other hand, the labor is covered from the original HVAC installer’s labor or service warranty. If the company’s warranty is still in effect, it will cover the cost of repair. At the same time, if the service warranty is still in effect, the repair might well be free!

When a valid company’s warranty covers components but not labor, the repairing cost is significantly reduced. You have to pay service charges, making the repairs less financial strain.

If The Unit Is Relatively New

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 10 to 15 years. It’s not cost-effective to replace your air conditioner if it’s only a few years old and needs minor maintenance.

Repairing Will Improve The Condition

Repairing the system is the more cost-effective alternative if the needed repair would improve air conditioner performance and energy efficiency for several years.

It Was In Good Maintenance

AC systems that are well-maintained operate lengthier. And also it has fewer problems. Repair needs are frequently localized, although the entire unit is in good health if the system has been adequately looked for over the years.

Relative Cost Of Repairing Is Better Than Replacement

The cost is a key consideration when deciding whether to replace or repair an air conditioner. There are various methods to assess if repairing your air conditioner is a sound financial bet or if the bucks would be better spent on a replacement unit.

AC Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing an air conditioner would include the unit’s price and setup expenses. The overall cost might range between $5,000 and $15,000. However, several factors will influence your final cost of replacing a unit.

  • Your current location
  • The installation’s difficulties
  • Residence Size
  • Upgrades to the electrical system are required.

AC Repair Cost

Repairing or replacing minor components might cost as little as a few hundred bucks. The cost of replacing certain larger pieces is significantly higher.

The cost of finding and identifying a refrigerant leakage might vary considerably. It might be a simple service for less than $300 or a complicated job for more than a thousand bucks.

The condenser, the evaporator, and the compressor are all pricey elements. If any of these items have to be replaced, the price may exceed thousands.

For example, if the compressor malfunctions, you may be looking at a $2,000 charge.

$5000 Rule

Finally, the $5000 rule will help you decide a sound decision. Multiply the projected repair cost with your device’s age to get the $5,000 rule. If the figure exceeds $5,000, you should think about changing your unit. If the amount is smaller, a repair could be the best option. Consider the following scenario:

A ten-year-old system with a $400 repair cost equals $4,000. Repairing it is probably the best option.

A ten-year-old system with a $700 repair cost equals $7,000. You should probably look into getting a new one.

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