Air Filters: Having The Right Filters Installed For Your Home


The indoor air quality of your home is an easy enough thing to forget, but it is a vital factor in keeping your home comfortable and safe. The air surrounding your home may contain all kinds of pathogens, contagions, dust, dirt, sand, mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens or pollutants. Your air systems will pump in the airflow constantly, regardless of how clean it is. Which is why your home needs air filters to help keep any airborne irritants and particles out. Air filters are the tools used by your home systems to cleanse incoming air so that old air is still cycled out without any issues.

Air Filters Throughout Your Home Systems

Air Filters

Your air filters purpose is to block out harmful irritants while still allowing air to pass through and cycle through your home. The filters themselves are actually made of a tight mesh weaving that is made to capture and absorb passing air particles. The weaving is actually rated on the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) scale. By using this scale, the air filters are able to show you just how effective they are at stopping air particles. The higher a filters rating, the more effective its mesh weaving. The filters will continue to clean out incoming airflow until they become completely covered in particles.

Air Filters Over Time

Air Filters Over Time

When the air filters in your systems are fresh and clean then the airflow goes through them and into your home without problem. However, your air filters will become dirtier and less effective over time as they continue to protect your home against irritants. Eventually, the air filters become so covered in capture particles that they end up becoming a blockage in their air systems, and a large problem for you.

When you are dealing with dirty air filters the resulting problems will only grow as they become dirtier over time. Your home will not be able to receive fresh airflow, which leads to dryness and stagnation throughout. The air systems also become strained as they try to push the airflow through the blockage. Problems with airflow are particularly troublesome for systems like furnaces that deal with heated airflow in need of release. Trouble for the air systems leads to a rise in energy usage, and in turn energy billing.

The Air Filter Replacement Process

The Air Filter Replacement Process

When your air filters become dirty, all you will need to do is replace them with new ones to avoid any problems. Air filter maintenance is an easy process, even if it is not necessarily the simplest. You will need to know what size air filters you need. The size of your current air filters are printed on their cardboard edge. Once you know the size, you are able to order the correct sized filters from an air filter supplier. Once installed, the new filters will allow airflow to come in and indoor air quality to rise over time.

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