Air Purification Systems That Help Keep Your House Clean


Air Purification Systems

The air in your home might seem clean and free from dust until you find out that this is not true. The air you breathe can be packed with dust particles, germs, bacteria, and other hazards which are too small to be seen with the eyes. This is why most homes usually opt for air sanitiser systems to help them keep their air clean and free from all pathogens. The following air purification systems will help you keep your homes clean.

  1. Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

These are the types of air purifiers that use ultraviolet light to help get rid of possibly harmful viruses, pathogens, and bacteria from home. These particular types of UV air purifiers were first used in hospitals, where these special lights were used to disinfect laboratories and patient rooms. These purifiers are used to purify the air as it passes through the chamber pumped full of UV light.

  1. HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers are advanced air filtering systems that are used to get rid of about 99.7% of harmful particles in the home. This type of air purifier will usually get rid of particles that could have a size that is over 0.2 microns. With the HEPA air purifiers, you have a machine that is highly effective when it comes to getting rid of such particles as dust, mould, and dander from the air in your home.

  1. Carbon-Activated Air Purifiers

Carbon-activated air purifiers are air sanitiser systems that effectively get rid of smoke, gases, fumes, and odours from the air present inside the home. If you are sensitive to such odours as natural gas or smoke, then you should think about getting a carbon-activated air purifier. A lot of carbon-activated air purifiers have HEPA filters used to get rid of the particles in the air.

  1. Ionic Air Purifiers

One thing about Ionic air purifiers is that they are extremely noiseless and work without using a motor. These air sanitiser systems send out negative ions into your home. These negatively charged ions then end up bonding with airborne particles such as dust. These particles are positively charged particles, and after bonding with the negatively charged ions, they become heavy and eventually fall to the ground. Some types of ionic air purifiers come with electrostatic precipitators, which are progressively used to trap dust particles that are positively charged. These positively charged particles are trapped by a metal plate that is located inside the home air purifier.

  1. Electronic Air Cleaners

The electronic air cleaner comes as a full home solution that works alongside your air conditioner or furnace. It is used to charge and collect airborne particles with the simple use of static electricity. If you deploy electronic air cleaners in your home, you will be able to get rid of about 99.98% of the allergens that are present in your house. This is done with the use of HEPA filters as well as positively charged ions. These types of air sanitiser systems can be used to purify the air that is in the whole house. This is done with the use of a HEPA filter along with your home cooling systems. Thus, your home electronic air cleaner makes sure that the air which passes through the HVAC systems are also forced to go through the HEPA filter.

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