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Vault Room

A safe place to store your valuables is significant, but it can feel difficult to find just the suitable storage space that gives you access when needed without compromising security.

Well-constructed vaults built into residential homes or businesses are durable enough to protect the contents against fire, flood, storm damage, theft, vandalism, extreme heat or cold, natural disasters, and nuclear bomb hazards.

Vault rooms can also serve as an excellent hiding spot for family members who require quick access to items like cash and firearms should a home invasion or other crisis occur.

What Is A Vault Room?

A vault room is a space that has been fitted with vault room doors and secure walls, providing a nearly impenetrable space for intruders looking to gain entry.

These rooms are typically built into new or existing homes but can also be constructed as free-standing structures on your property. This room protects its contents from natural disasters, theft, nuclear bomb blasts, and extreme weather. They’re incredibly sturdy and secure.

Do You Need A Vault Room?

There are quite a few reasons why you might want to consider having one of these security spaces installed in your home or business:

Peace Of Mind: Knowing you have a place to store your most valuable possessions in case of burglary or disaster can relieve so much stress and worry.

Protection Against Crime: Vault rooms are a safe space for hiding emergency cash, medication, important documents, firearms, jewellery, and other small valuables that would be too challenging to protect outside the home without locking them inside a vault room.

Tougher Fire Protection: The thick walls of vault rooms make them resistant to flames. These structures will often survive fires where other areas might not. That’s why they should be installed in any place where enough water is available to put out fires quickly should one ignite due to an electrical short or another reason.

Increased Property Value: Building a vault room onto your home or business will increase its value because high levels of home security are rare but highly sought after in America.

Improved Peace Of Mind: Vault rooms give you the immediate feeling that everything will be okay as long as you have access to your safe room. You’ll be comforted by knowing that there’s something you can do right now to help protect yourself and those close to you from theft, natural disasters, fire, and other risks.

The Importance Of A Vault Room

There are several advantages to having a vault room. Here are the top five:

  1. Protects Valuables From Theft And Damage

Although not every house burglar prefers to raid underground vaults, these rooms can protect your valuables from flood damage and other disaster-related losses. Flooding is more likely than theft in most areas of the U.S., so flood insurance might be helpful if you choose to get one of these rooms installed.

  1. Secure Shelter During Natural Disasters

An excellent reason for wanting a shelter or vault room is that it may provide you with a safe space during extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. It is also an ideal hiding place for when the unexpected occurs, such as when someone breaks in or a fire.

  1. Underground Cost Is Less Than Installing Above Ground

Most underground shelter vaults installed in basements cost less than above-ground structures and may protect them from flooding and fire damage. The only expenses will probably be excavating, waterproofing, and installing ventilation equipment, although some homeowners may consider that investment rather than an expense.

  1. Provides Easy Access To Sheltered Areas

Another reason why you might want to install a vault room is that it provides access to your shelter system through your basement/crawl space instead of having to go outside to enter the shelter. This could be good if you live with frequent rushing water, hurricanes or tornadoes.

  1. Convenient For Disasters That Close Down Stores

If the store you usually shop at closes down during an emergency, you can easily access your underground shelter without having to go outside where there are downed trees and power lines blocking roads or widespread chaos. You could even leave some supplies (food, beverages, etc.) in the vault room so that you would have them on hand if needed.

There are also some disadvantages to keep in mind. Of course, every situation is different – make sure to weigh both sides before deciding whether or not a basement vault room makes sense for you:

High Cost Of Installation

Installing a vault room is not cheap – but then again, neither is having your valuables destroyed or stolen.

Possible Hazards Involved In Excavation

Keep in mind that excavation can be dangerous if not done correctly. Also, keep an eye out for hidden pipes and utility lines.

Permits Required From City Or County Authorities

In many places, there are building codes about the types of construction materials permissible for basement structures which may limit what you’re allowed to build based on where you plan to install it. This can be a good thing because these requirements will protect you from inferior work.

Just don’t forget that this could also mean higher costs if permits are required, and city or county inspectors have to approve the construction plans before a shelter/vault room can be built.

Possible Difficulties In Installing Ventilation Equipment

Most underground shelters are custom-built with adequate ventilation depending on the equipment used. Not all homes have suitable spaces for this, while others may require you to bring utilities into an area that is not easily accessible or poses a safety hazard. Make sure to pay close attention to any architectural requirements.

Finding Workers Who Know How To Install These Rooms

Places that install basement vault rooms are few and far between, so it could take some time before you find anyone willing or able to do the work. You will need someone with expertise in excavation, waterproofing, ventilation installation/repair, and electricity if power is required.


Having a vault built into your home is an intelligent investment that gives you greater peace of mind because it offers fire protection, theft prevention, nuclear bomb blast resistance, improved resale value, and peace of mind.

It’s a great hiding spot in case of emergencies and also does wonders for protecting your children from harm when you’re not around. You’ll love the benefits that vault rooms offer to keep everyone safe and secure in your home or business.

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