All You Need To Know About Bathroom Mirrors

On November 9, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Gone are the days when the bathroom was just one of the required rooms of the home. It has become an important room to stamp your style, add value to your home and spend time in to relax and unwind. And nowadays the way you look and present yourself is paramount so it’s essential to spend time ensuring you have the right mirrors and illumination in your bathroom. Of course, whatever mirror lighting you choose, you must install ensure it is professionally installed by a qualified electrician.

Mirror Lighting
At times, the lack of information about the products we buy can lead us to make the wrong purchase. A detailed knowledge of the product is a must before opting for any product. Below provides you with hints and tips before making your bathroom mirror choice.

  • Imperative Requisites

An astonishing and expensive mirror is useless if it doesn’t serve your basic requisites. You need to consider the following things in your mirror before opting for extra features.

Functions: The basic function of your mirror is to provide you with a clear vision. Make sure that the one you are choosing gives you a crystal-clear reflection.

Safety: When you buy an illuminated bathroom mirror, you need to safeguard yourself properly. Ensure it is installed in the correct position away from water by a professionally qualified electrician.

Stylish: The mirror you are buying should match the appearance of your bathroom. Keep the tile colours, fixtures and furniture of the bathroom in mind when making your choice.

Stylish Bathroom Mirror

  • Various Lighting Mirrors

Ordinarily, people have only one light in the centre of the bathroom which is too low to see the reflection in the mirror. In that case, you can see into the mirror but may not be able to apply the makeup properly. Also, when the lighting is wrongly angled, you don’t find the clarity. The illuminated lights are the best solutions to it. However, there are various mirrors available with lights out of which you need to select the most suitable one for you.

  1. Backlit Bathroom Mirror

Having the lights installed at the back of the mirror provides a subtle and pleasant illumonation. Backlit mirrors are a popular choice as they are easy to install and gives and evenly spread glow.


  • Additional lighting to the bathrooms
  • Warmer than LED lights


  • Lifespan of lamps may be lesser depending upon the quality of bulbs
  • Uses more energy compared to LED
  • Mirror thickness increases due to lamps and wirings
  1. LED Mirrors

The design of this mirror is similar to backlit versions. Small LED bulbs are used which throws light through the mirror.


  • Small LED bulbs give an appealing look
  • Consumes low energy
  • Long lifespan of bulbs
  • Evenly spread lights


  • Less ambient lights compared to backlit mirrors
  • LED having narrow beams can be harsh at times
  • Mirror depth increases to accommodate LEDs and wiring
  1. Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors which have external lights are termed as illuminated Mirrors. The light is angled in such a way that it reflects back off the surface of the mirror. The type of bulbs used in the illuminated mirrors varies depending upon the design of the mirror.


  • Provides added style in the bathroom
  • Easy operations of bulbs
  • Provides a better reflection


  • Requires highly skilled and certified professionals for installation
  • Lamp projection is higher than that of mirror
  • Extra Features

Apart from the lighting, there are various other features you can have in your mirror such as motion sensors, shaver sockets, demisters, Bluetooth speakers, radio. When choosing your mirror, make sure to get all or some of these features in the mirror to make your living comfortable.

  • Concluding Remarks

We believe the above information will help you get the right type of mirror for your bathroom. You can browse for to get the best quality illuminated bathroom mirrors and fittings at affordable rates.

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