All You Need To Know About Improving Kitchens With New Design

On November 16, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

Kitchen is the most important part of home, which actually makes your house a home and worth to live in. It is a room in which you can prepare food, store edible items, wash utensils etc. Due to industrialization there were major changes in kitchen as well as their look. Earlier during 1740, there was stove which was used for heating rather than cooking. In around 1800 stoves were used to heat pots which were hung into a hole but we’re not used for household purposes. So later in 1834, the size of stoves were reduced which were used for domestic purpose but it used wood or coal for burning. Later on stove, which uses gas and lighter, came into use? Now a days, everything needs to look trendy or you can say that things must be according to fashion. You can even try improving kitchens with new designs and technology as per your requirement of space, look and preference. Redesigning is a big task, there is nothing called an ideal kitchen but the one which suits and fulfills your needs is an ideal one. Add a room to your kitchen, which can be said as storeroom for keeping extra items of kitchens in it. You have various options for the kind of kitchen to choose from. Some of them are:

According to Layout:

Kitchen Design

  • Corner Kitchen: The corner of the walls, which are usually wasted, can be used in this type, for either making cupboards, sink etc.
  • Kitchen with an Island: Island kitchen is becoming more popular now a days because it can be used for different reasons such as for sink, cook top, as storage.
  • Kitchen with a Peninsular Unit: It gives you the benefit of better circulation but space is wasted in this kind of kitchen.

According to Arrangements:

New Kitchen Designs

  • L shaped kitchen gives you a range of variation. It is very stylish, adaptable and is appropriate for all types whether medium or large house.
  • U shaped is generally preferred for large families.
  • Gallery kitchens are the older one and are common in apartments. It is a nice idea to use space of gallery for kitchen but on other hand it can be claustrophobic.
  • Straight line concept is for those who live in a small apartment. The arrangement is very compact.

Here are Some Tips you can use for improving your Kitchens with New Designs:

  1. You can change lights of kitchen from simple to latest design. If you have dim light in your kitchen you might feel low but a bright light will make your work easier. This can be your first step towards renovating your kitchen.
  2. Next step can be changing the old fashioned tap and sink with a stylish one.
  3. Moving a step ahead, it’s time to change drawers and shelf with new one. You can go for modular kitchen, which uses steel drawers which can easily be pulled.
  4. You can add tiles in your kitchen rather than using paints only.
  5. Decorate your kitchen with new crockeries, new utensils etc.
  6. Knock out your old knobs and try something modern like automatic switches.
  7. You can bring new kitchen appliances of new technology.
  8. 4 burner gas stove is considered as the latest one, and you can easily get it installed in your kitchen.
  9. Chimney helps to keep smoke out of the kitchen so install it right away.
  10. Don’t forget to put dustbin in your kitchen. You can easily dispose the waste from kitchen into it.

Here is a brief discussion on how can you focus on improving kitchen with new designs.

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