All You Need To Know About Transportable Homes


Relocatable Homes

Transportable homes are those that are built in a factory. These are made of steel, wood, vinyl weatherboard or other such material which are hardy and do not get damaged when the home is moved. These homes are not made of concrete or bricks. These homes come partly assembled. The reason why these homes are called transportable homes is that these can be transported to different locations if need be. With these transportable homes, you can easily relocate to any place, and you do not need to rebuild or construct a new home in the new place anymore. You need to carry your existing home and install it in the new location as per your requirement.

Why Do You Go For Transportable Home?

Portable Granny Flats

At the same time, these homes are not the same as mobile ones. These are permanent, and they have connections to utilities. There are also portable versions of these homes, and these are usually found in places where the land is leased, but the house is owned. These are more permanent and can be moved as well. These also are called modular homes or prefabricated homes or relocatable homes. As per the transportation, they can be either single wide or double wides. The double wide cannot be transported in a separate section. With this option, you can customize your home as per your needs, and it is a desirable option for rental accommodation. In such cases, you can choose the new land and relocate your existing home to the new place only.

What Are The Benefits of Transportable Homes?

Transportable Home

  • These homes are environmentally friendly as they do not need much energy to be assembled. These help therefore in decreasing the carbon footprint. These homes as they can be moved to minimize the need for constructing another home when the person needs to relocate.
  • These are convenient. You can complete the house in time, and some of these transportable homes get done in as short a period as 24 hours though it generally takes around 12 weeks at the most. In comparison to this, traditional homes take almost a year or more to be ready and then too most conventional homes do not stick to the time frame.
  • It can be personalized as per what each one wants. You can choose whatever type of roof you need or the materials of the walls or the kind of flooring or the colors it is painted in. These are good for the environment as well as for the individual as well as their family.
  • Transportable homes are stronger as they sometimes need to be transported for hundreds of kilometers at a time and these constructions are better able to handle wind and movement too. These homes can even outlast traditional homes. These homes are made of the most durable materials possible, and they are also tested and checked at the factory before being transported to the customer’s location.
  • You can even relocate with the home if you need to – which is impossible with regards to a conventional home. This is good for those who want to relocate but not want to move into a different house as they like their current home. They can move without having to worry about adjusting to a new place.

When you have a transportable home, you know everything about it – the material it is built of and more. Old homes usually come with mold, termites and if you do move into a new home, it could be constructed by inexperienced workmen. Transportable homes, on the other hand, come with quality craftsmanship.

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