All You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Heat Pump


Purchasing A Heat Pump

Are you considering heat pump heating? These nearly emission-free contemporary heat sources are growing in popularity today due to their benefits to the environment, extended lifespan, and reduced energy costs.

The basic idea behind the Viessman Air Source Heat Pump is that one or more external devices draw calories from the brisk outside air. In addition to producing home hot water, high-temperature models also heat an existing network of high-temperature heaters. These versions take the place of the present boiler without having to take it over.

Do I Need A Heat Pump For My House?

A Viessman Air Source Heat Pump is unquestionably included in every modern new construction project you contemplate. Heat pumps have become more important recently as a means of decarbonizing the building industry. Heat pumps are appropriate for single-family houses and multi-family structures since they may supply heating, cooling, and hot water. Both new construction and renovations can make use of them.

This is crucial since most urban buildings’ heating systems depend on fossil fuel boilers that burn natural gas and oil. This indicates that a significant portion of our city’s overall greenhouse gas emissions is caused by heating and hot water. This tendency is anticipated to shift gradually as more people choose heat pumps over conventional heating systems. Keep your motive for buying the product in mind and enjoy shopping for the right product.

Which Heat Pump Kind Is Best For Me?

The method used by various heat pumps to draw heat from their surroundings differs. There are two common types of heat pumps:

  • The idea behind an air/water heat pump is to take energy from the surrounding air and transfer it to a hot water heating system. Water is used as the heating/cooling medium. These heat pumps can be classified as split (split) or monoblock devices based on their design. The fact that this natural ingredient is so prevalent is a huge benefit.
  • Heat pumps of this sort, which use air as the working medium and circulate it throughout the building via a network of air ducts, are appropriate for hot air heating systems. The heat pump is ideally employed as a cold source (air conditioning) in these setups.

The Home Loses Heat.

The heat loss of your family house is important to consider, however. Verify that the heat pump’s output is neither over- nor under-rated before purchasing. Increased component wear during more frequent starts, when the appliance is no longer required to provide heat for the house, might result from oversizing performance. On the other side, the gadget would not need to be able to manage to deliver heat in the needed demand when it was dimensioned.

Considering how the UK’s weather impacts ground source heat pumps is crucial. Fortunately, the planet retains a constant, warmer temperature throughout the year despite this climate. Extra heat is always created since all heat pumps produce more energy than they require. Viessmann is one company that produces pumps that can gather heat even in conditions as low as -20°C. You only need to choose the right heat pump for perfect results.

Know Your Needs

Selecting a heat pump is a challenging process. Each of the several versions has a unique configuration. For example, the choice may differ depending on whether the boiler has to be replaced in an ancient house or a brand-new, isolated building. The requirements also pertain to heating, hot water generation for the home, and summer cooling.

To get an accurate installation size, a variety of factors are essential. It’s important to remember that a large installation will increase the price of purchases, the number of cycles (and thus the amount of power required), and wear.


Viessman Air Source Heat Pump with air calorie collection are the most popular systems used at home. The return on investment happens quickly if the installation is done properly. Depending on the situation, it might last between 3 and 8 years. Due to their high cost, administrative challenges, and implementation difficulties, geothermal heat pumps and hydrothermal heat pumps are often only used in new buildings.

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