Alliance Group Contracting Shares 5 Reasons Why Metal Roofs Are Popular


Modern Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is no longer an industry product, notes Alliance Group Contracting’s president Adam Ryckman. The last quarter-century has witnessed a surge of formerly-industrial building fixtures infiltrating residential new builds.

Among these industrial fixtures are cement floors, textured driveways, and, of course, metal roofs. Aesthetic tastes among homeowners are changing. But more importantly, modern metal roofs offer benefits that traditional asphalt roofing — and its high-dollar alternatives — do not.

Alliance Group Contracting provides five reasons why metal roofs have grown more popular over the last 25 years.

  1. Durability

Homeowners are lucky if their asphalt roof lasts 20 years. They can achieve greater durability with premium materials, such as tile. But many premium materials are costly and can even place undue weight strain on the rest of the building.

In contrast, metal roofs are light and can easily last 50 years with routine maintenance. Some contractors insist that metal roofs can last as long as 100 years, depending upon the upkeep and climate.

  1. Color Selection

Asphalt roofs typically come in a variety of gray and black colors. Other roofing materials like tile, concrete, slate, and synthetic materials don’t usually offer a wide color selection.

Metal roofs today come in scores of colors from earthy tones to bright pigments. They also exist in individual tiles and metal sheets. Either way, metal roofs can improve the overall look of a home by bringing out flattering hues and accents.

  1. Cost

While most metal roofs cost slightly more than asphalt, according to the Alliance Group Contracting, they are notably cheaper than other premium roof materials, such as slate and tile. When factoring asphalt replacement costs, the long-term savings of a metal roof are significant.

But there are additional savings beyond installation and replacement costs. Metal roofs are more energy-efficient than asphalt roofs. Some homes experience as much as a 25% decrease in HVAC usage after switching to metal roofs. Not only does this lower utility bills, but it extends the life of one’s HVAC system.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

Metal roof manufacturers today recycle and reuse materials. The metal used in roofs is much easier to recycle than are other roof materials. On average, one’s metal roof is made up of 50% recycled metal.

As mentioned previously, metal roofs require fewer replacements, which further reduces waste. Adding back in the energy savings, metals roofs are the whole package of eco-friendly roofing.

  1. Extreme Weather Protection

In hurricane-ridden areas like Florida — where Alliance Group Contracting is based — metal roofs provide greater protection against extreme weather. Adam Ryckman notes that the average metal roof can sustain winds up to 140 miles per hour and withstand heavy rain and hail for the duration of a tropical storm.

Final Thoughts From Alliance Group Contracting

With all the benefits of a metal roof, it’s no wonder that 21st Century home construction features more metal roofs than it did just a few decades ago.

Alliance Group Contracting is a Florida-based metal roofing and maintenance company. In addition to providing full-service roofing construction services throughout the state, Alliance is also an industry authority for the United States Southeast.

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