Aluminium Windows Versus Commercial Timber Windows


Aluminium Timber Window

One of the biggest debates in the construction industry revolves around the commercial aluminium windows versus timber debate. While it is an argument that is largely carried out by manufacturers, several clients would also like to know which of the two options will benefit them most. Unfortunately, there are convincing arguments for both types of windows, which can make a choice even harder. So, is aluminium or timber the better choice?

Commercial Timber Windows

Commercial Timber Windows

There are many advantages associated with the selection of timber windows for your commercial office or store, including:

Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminium Windows

They are an incredibly attractive option that is sure to make your premises look like a million dollars. There is also some finishes available (from stains to paints), ensuring that you achieve the exact look you’re after.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Window

Studies have shown that timber is quite an energy-efficient material, thanks to its natural insulating properties. This will help you to keep your premises warmer during the winter and colder during the summer, as well as lowering your energy bills.

There are also several disadvantages associated with the selection of timber frames, including:

High Maintenance

Woman Window Cleaner

If you want to ensure that your windows continue to look their best, you are going to need to maintain them regularly. You will need to seal them against the elements, and the stain or paint will need to be reapplied every few years.

Commercial Aluminium Windows

Commercial Aluminium Windows

There are some advantages associated with the selection of aluminium windows for your commercial office or store, including:

More Affordable

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium is one of the most affordable framing materials on the market. This leads to lower costs in the manufacturing process and makes the finished products much more affordable than others.

Simple Installation

Aluminium Windows Designs

These windows can be easily installed in buildings of all shapes and sizes, which means that the project can be completed quickly. This also lowers the costs associated with installation, as it requires fewer tools and time.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free Windows

One of the best things about aluminium is that it is virtually maintenance-free. The frames will be resistant to rust and other corrosion. All you need to do is wipe them down now and then to ensure they continue to look their best.

There are also some disadvantages associated with the selection of aluminium frames, including:

Energy Inefficient

Energy Efficient Windows

Because aluminium is a thermal conductor, you will find that heat will be allowed to enter or escape your building through the frames. This can lead to lower temperatures during winter and higher ones during summer.

So, which one is the winner? When you weigh the pros and cons of commercial aluminium windows alongside those for timber windows, the only real winner is the consumer (who has the opportunity to choose the best frames for their needs). It would be very easy for us to argue that aluminium or timber is the better choice, but we cannot guarantee that it will be the most suitable choice for your premises. Only you can determine that.

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