Amazing Design Trends To Make Your Home Look Updated


Amazing Design Trends

Trends in fashion and design may seem arbitrary and over-emphasized to some, but there is just no escaping the global reach of design trends. While no substitute exists for a quirky, unique, and confident sense of personal style and taste, global trends in the design shouldn’t be ignored. With that said, take the following examples of home design trends with a grain or two of salt. After all, your taste and sense of style shouldn’t ever be circumscribed by any decor trend.

Remember to have some fun mixing and matching a bit of the following with your unique sensibilities. Also, there’s no need to revamp your entire home. A few well-considered additions can work wonders in freshening up your spaces. Let’s begin!

Indigo And Inky Shades Of Blue

White And Blue Dining Room

While a fairly timeless color choice for your home, inky and indigo shades of blue are drawing a lot of attention lately and not just because they fit in comfortably with all sorts of décor choices. In particular, distressed blues and those with hints of gray are prevailing –- whether it’s furniture, floors, or walls — in the current casual climate. While these shades can provide for a welcome bit of color in an overall neutral color space, it isn’t so bright as to pop out.

Wallpaper Makes A Comeback

Wallpaper, as an opportunity to display good artwork, has proven quite trendy lately. During the previous decade, wallpaper saw its popularity precipitously decline, but is making a magnificent comeback as of late. As digital printing technology enables more people than ever before to add striking and dramatic patterns and textures to their favorite spaces, wallpaper is raging back.

Easy to incorporate, wallpaper motifs popular today include retro patterns, bold color choices, abstract color designs, and the particularly trendy moody florals.

Moody Flora And Fauna Prints

Moody Flora And Fauna Prints

A staple of fashion, moody, and dark floral prints are now proving trendy in interior home design. Prints are featuring butterflies, wildlife, flowers, and greenery -– often but not always in dark hues -– are proving quite popular in textiles, furniture, and accessories. The essential yet understated liveliness of these motifs can be a great way to add vitality to a particular space. Even a single accent piece or some tableware can be enough here.

Global Design Trends

Global Design Trends

As global design advances, tropical design elements are becoming increasingly popular in homes nowhere near the equator. Greenery and tropical motifs are decidedly in fashion. You don’t need to add too many touches to accomplish a pleasant feeling of freshness and liveliness — especially in bathrooms -– with this look. As always, less is more here.

The Versatile Houseplant

The Versatile Houseplant

Green thumbs and amateurs alike can quickly and effectively add a touch of liveliness and freshness to their rooms with houseplants. The trend of late is to push past the ubiquitous ficus tree and focus on flowering plants, herbs, and lush greenery. Houseplants filter and clean your home’s air, and they can also lift your mood. Also, herbs can be grown year-round that both look good and provide fresh ingredients for your recipes. Houseplants are a genuinely beautiful trend that never seems to go out of style, and that allows people to enjoy aspects of the outdoors in their interior spaces.

Make Technology Work For You

White Modern Kitchen

While technology in all its forms is prevalent today, this doesn’t mean one must banish all other considerations when considering upgrading to a new, high-tech appliance. In particular, the kitchen –- sometimes referred to as the ‘heart of the home’ — provides ample opportunities to add both ‘smart’ appliances and ones that speak to your love of good design. Some brands of kitchen appliances, such as ILVE, combine classic, retro touches with up-to-date digital technology.

Modern And Vintage In One Package

Vintage Interior Design

The contemporary vintage look is quite popular today due to both the nostalgia factor and an enthusiastic appreciation of the wholesome and appealing variety of styles and shapes that vintage -– both genuine and reproduction –- products exhibit. Shopping for vintage sets one free to pick and choose from a delightful variety of products -– both historical and reproduced pieces -– available all around the world. This is one trend in particular that unreservedly favors individual style and preference.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Design

After some tentative steps in this direction, geometric designs and patterns have become a genuinely hot trend this year. While some early adopters were hesitant to incorporate geometric patterns boldly in their spaces, homes around the world are now ripe for large furniture and wall or floor coverings utilizing both avant-garde and classic geometric designs.

Mixing Things Up Like Never Before

Luxurious Master Bedroom In Mansion

From textures to materials, the days of uniformity in home décor are long since gone. In nearly every room of your home, mixing materials and textures –- from fixtures and knobs in the kitchen to accents and furniture in the bedroom -– is a hot and hugely welcome design trend in interior design. Let your imagination roam free like never before to create eclectic, distinctive, and exciting décor schemes in all the rooms of your home.

A Touch Of Glamour

Modern Living Room

With pragmatic and neutral motifs fading, glamour is staging a comeback. This style is particularly suited to the bedroom where even small additions –- using such materials and colors as gold and fur — can create an alluring vibe. Whether you want to scream it or whisper it, glamour’s triumphant return is yet another opportunity for one to update and refresh their spaces with trendy looks while also making strong personal statements.

Gold Metallics Return

Classic Living Room

While metallics of all kinds have been popular — especially in luxury interiors — for a while now, gold finishes are now au courant and not only in palatial residences. Designers are using this rich finish to make glittery statement pieces that fairly scream ‘luxury.’ Still, those who desire less lavishness can opt for shining gold accents or accessories to freshen up the feel of a room.

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