An Inspirational Bus Tour of San Francisco’s Public Gardens


All of us need to take some frequent breaks from not just our everyday lives, but also from the overpowering hustle and bustle of the city. If you are someone who is, thus, tired of the city and you also appreciate the joy of a good book amidst the peace of a garden in full bloom, it is perhaps time to gather your friends, family, and co-workers and head off to San Francisco. The second most densely populated city in the United States, San Francisco boasts of some of the most well-maintained parks and attractive gardens. And the best way to travel safely, timely and cost-effectively would be going for the tour bus or minibus rental. This way, your entire group stays together, and you might end up having even more fun during the journey itself. Although planning tour as a whole by yourself may seem to be a bit of a hassle, it gets way easier to deal with once you keep these things in mind:

Choose The Locations You Want To Cover

San Francisco

One of the most important things that you need to make sure of is that you cover as many locations as possible. San Francisco is a city that is full of exotic gardens and, hence, you will have to plan the route to avoid it accordingly. Some of the gardens might require advance notice and a small donation, so prepare yourself accordingly. Listed below are some of the most famous garden attractions that you should visit:

  • Alemany Farm
  • Fay Park
  • Japanese Tea Garden
  • Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden
  • San Francisco Botanical Garden
  • The Conservatory of Flowers
  • Yerba Buena Gardens

Book A Mode Of Transportation

San Francisco Charter Bus Rental

Another important thing that you will have to consider while planning a tour is scheduling and booking your mode of transportation. Although you can carpool if you have 4-5 people in your group, booking a minibus or a tour bus would be preferable in case you are traveling in a large group. Taking multiple cars to go to the same place is an option too, but it is more expensive, can cause coordination issues while also being less comfortable. It is not only an inexpensive option to rent a minibus, but it also makes sure that the tour runs smoothly, comfortable, and entertaining. The best part about renting a private minibus or a tour bus is that the company that you book your bus from generally takes care of most of the responsibilities. The seats are all well cushioned and have recliners present in case you have planned a long trip. One of the most impressive features of these buses is that there is ample storage space available beneath the seating area. Some of the things you will have to consider are whether your choice of amenities is present on the bus, such as restroom, Wi-Fi and Air Conditioning systems, power outlets, etc.

Send Out Tour Details To Your Group

San Francisco Tour

Once you are done deciding the destinations and your mode of transportation, you are all set to finalize your trip. Make sure to keep all the adults well involved in the plan, update them about any relevant changes, decide the time and location of pick-up, inform them about your primary route, and pit stops. Another thing to remember is that if you have planned a longer stay in the city, make sure to pre-book your place of lodging.

As long as you take care of the bookings ahead of time, book a mode of transportation that is comfortable for everyone and choose your routes and destinations wisely, you can avoid all the hassle that comes with planning such a trip and actually enjoy spending time with your friends and family amidst the gorgeous beauty of a flowering, green garden.

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