Apartment Balcony’s Window Design


Apartment’s balcony can be made a focal point. Balcony can be made as beautiful place and to make it as thing of beauty it doesn’t take any kind of complicated designing features. If you give right window treatment to the balcony it will give you luxurious feeling in your balcony.

Modern minimal balcony design

It is not a matter as what is there on other side of the window of the balcony. It can be a wooden porch, or you can have lavish carpe getaway. The window which is source of the natural light for your home it must be decorated and must be taken care of. Décor it as per your needs and you have awesome looking apartment balcony’s window. It must not be ignored and some attention must be given when you decorating your home.

Modern beautiful apartment balcony design ideas

Depending on where is your balcony window in home and purpose of the window in that location you need to decide on the décor and look. Let say if it is dining room you need to get sunlight and fresh air. Even in kitchen you would like to have fresh air and sunlight. It will be nice idea to have small little garden near your window you can have fresh herb growing there which you can use in your cooking to add aroma and taste to your delicacies.

Cozy balconies

In case the balcony window is in bedroom, den or living room, in most of the cases it is your only window which is available as ventilation and for view. You need to pay attention to things such as when you want to get sunlight and duration such as to what you will be using for the protection from sun and heat issues.

Small plants planted in the pot place in balcony

The window covering which is part of the look and décor and has other utilities as well will be different for the French doors then the sliding doors. Now a day’s long and vertical Venetian blinds have become quite popular with balcony windows having sliding glass doors. Such are easy to move, adjust to offer vary level of light, and these don’t fade easily.

Small balcony design

The French doors are also good and you can have large Roman shade for them. it be bulky choice but curtains which are attached to doors are common but you can also use the traditional curtain’s rods with drapes which can open as doors open too.

Urban balcony design

The apartment balcony window must be reflection of your style and is unique feature.

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  1. Excellent article, All are great designs. Actually I have a plan to redesign my balcony. After reading this article I got many suggestions. Thanks for sharing.


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