Apartment Inspection – What To Look Before You Move-In?


Apartment Inspection

Moving to a new apartment, be it rental or purchased, is a daunting task. If not properly inspected for possible damages and repairs, you will more likely end up with more repair costs after signing the agreement. Make sure you check the property thoroughly in the presence of the owner and list it out. Have the list with both parties with a date signed by the owner. If any repairs were offered, ensure that you get that in writing and the expense paid. Take photos if required and keep them. Whatever damages that occur after using the property for a year or so, you have to get it repaired by yourself. Here are some ways to look out for unwanted damage repair costs before moving in.


One way to check is to switch on and off all the switches and ensure all fixtures and appliances are working properly. Fast check your outlets and bathrooms too. Quickly check if your phone is charging with each outlet, and then you are all good to go.

Smoke And CO Detectors

All apartments are supposed to have at least one smoke vent in place. A few apartments are supposed to have both bedrooms and a kitchen. In the case of an attached garage or fireplace, more will be required, along with a carbon monoxide detector for the garage. Check the indicator lights on these so that you know it is working properly. A thorough inspection is needed in electrics and smoke detector areas.

Heating And Cooling

If the place has central air, turn on air conditioning and heat to make sure the air is coming from different vents. Depending on the time of the year, radiator heating also needs to be checked. Check for the air conditioning and heating system has properly cleaned ventilation and other visible parts.


Check all the windows are intact and can be closed shut. They should not have any cracks or broken glass. Building inspector in Perth suggests that if you are on the ground floor, some places require you to have bars outside. Make sure the screens are sturdy and do not have any tears. Ensure all those are in good condition.


First of all, make sure that all the door keys are available and you can lock them from inside as well as outside. Work the handles and locks properly and check if something should be added to those. They are the main protection in the house, it is essential to check the main doors and all the exits are proper.

Walls And Ceilings

Ensure ceilings are intact. Check for small chips, cracks, discoloration, or any deformity. Take a note and picture and share it with your owner to not get charged for this from your caution deposit.

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