Apartment Safety Tips For Renters And Landlords


Security in your unit or property should be a top priority. When it comes to safety in an apartment building or complex, a combination of residential and commercial security is essential to ensure better everyone is protected. Individual renters should take responsibility for keeping their place of residence locked and secured from unwanted visitors. Additionally, landlords must make certain that outdoor spaces and common areas are safe.

Here are some tips to make your home or rental property more secure.

One way renters can increase apartment security is by adding more locks to the front door. The majority of apartments come with a combination of locks, such as a deadbolt and slider door lock. However, if occupants are looking for more advanced security additions, they should consider updating their locks or adding new ones. For example, a renter may want to upgrade his or her current deadbolt to a smart lock.

Door jammers are also convenient security solutions for apartment dwellers. This handy gadget prevents a door from being kicked in or pried open and essentially acts as a heavy-duty doorstop.

Despite all the safeguards renters may take, unfortunate events could still happen. Renters insurance should always be considered when renting. This type of insurance covers personal belongings that could be damaged in a disaster or stolen in a burglary. Many renters’ insurance policies also cover theft if anything is stolen from your car, as long as the vehicle was parked at the rental property. The average cost of renters insurance is around $15 a month.

Tenants must also rely on their landlords to keep the apartment as safe as possible. For increased security, landlords should consider positioning security cameras at the property’s front and back entrances. Installing cameras near stairwells, hallways, and parking lots is advised, as well. Ensure adequate interior and exterior lighting in these areas so that renters feel out of harm’s way.

Landlords may also want to have security personnel monitor the premises. Hiring security personnel is ideal for landlords who have a large complex of properties. For more ideas on securing your apartment, make sure to check out the accompanying infographic.

Apartment Safety Tips For Renters And Landlords Infographic

Infographic created by KEYper Systems, an apartment key control provider

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