Appliance Repair – Is It Better To Just Replace With New?


Appliance Repair

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they have to get their appliances repaired. These appliances include kettles, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, and much more. If we are lucky, our appliances will last us a long time, but in most cases, we have to get them repaired or replaced within a few years.

Some of these cost us a fortune to buy, and the warranty on them usually lasts one to three years, depending on the appliance. Is it beneficial to get them repaired, or is it cheaper to buy a replacement? Back in the day, appliances used to last over 20 years. Nowadays, we would be lucky if they last five years.

How Long Do Appliance Repairs Last?

With the likes of washing machines, most of the time they get repaired on the same day. Usually, it is a simple fix unless the machine is severely old and keeps leaking water. In this case, it may take a day or two extra while your old one gets taken out and a new one brought in.

The repair usually is quick, but you could be waiting a week or longer for someone to come and have a look at it. What if the appliance which breaks is your stove or your fridge? It can be very stressful and time-consuming waiting for someone to take a look at your appliance, figure out what is wrong with it, and then order the part necessary, fix it, or replace it.

You could easily be looking at one day to two weeks before your appliance is back up and working again.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair?

For older equipment, you could be spending a fair amount because some of the replacement parts are hard to find and therefore cost more. On top of that, you have to pay for the service. It could cost you anywhere from a simple $50 to $500 to get, for example, a washing machine repaired.

Some repairmen charge by the hour, and if a job takes longer than expected and extends to a few days, you could be paying over $1000. For something like fixing the hob, you could be looking at $40 to $250. This is much cheaper, but it is also quite cheap to buy a new hob. Electric hobs these days cost about $180 to $300.

Is It Better To Replace It With A New Appliance?

If the appliance is a toaster or a kettle, it probably is best to get a replacement as it may cost you more to get it fixed. Many people complain about buying expensive appliances and then breaking them for a few weeks or months. Some of these cost between $700 to $1000. It would seem that appliances these days are not as good as they used to be, so purchasing a new one to replace the old one may not be the best solution.

Regarding electric hobs, people find it easier to purchase a replacement as it is not too costly. This is because it would add up to being more expensive to pay for a repairman and his time, as well as waiting on parts to come in. Replacements truly depend on the actual appliance because it may be cheaper to replace, but also, the waiting time is much less than repairing. 

What Kind Of Appliances Should Be Fixed?

If the lifespan of an appliance is about ten years, repairing will mean that it adds on another three to four years. If you are purchasing a replacement, it is vital to check the lifespan. If it is over thirteen years, then you know that the replacement will be better for you in the long run.

It is not worth fixing something if it will only add on an extra year or two to the lifespan. This is because it will cost you extra money and stress. Buying a replacement will provide you a guarantee that the lifespan will be for a longer time, and you will not need to worry about getting it fixed anytime soon.

It is also essential to check reviews and details about the replacement appliance you are purchasing as you do not want to be in a situation where the object breaks within a few weeks of using it.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of An Appliance?

All appliances require us to maintain them and look after them. If you do not clean it, then be prepared for the fact that it will break quicker. Regarding a washing machine, to increase the lifespan, you need to run empty loads from time to time to clean out the machine without any clothes in it. The filter should be checked just in case anything gets stuck in there.

In relation to a microwave, it is always essential to keep it clean. Clean out all the food particles, and make sure to use the right dishes in the microwave not to damage them. The oven should be cleaned regularly to have no build-up of food residue and rust in it. When you do not clean it for a while, it can damage it and create a horrible smell in it.

To make sure you get good use out of your appliance, you need to make sure you look after it. Always clean it and look for any abnormalities which can be fixed quickly and easily. If you end up leaving it too long, it can cause severe damage. In some cases, it is better to purchase a replacement because the lifespan will be longer, and you will be saving money. Research needs to be done into this so as not to buy something that does not guarantee the advertised lifespan.

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