Arabian Nights – 5 Ways To Bring Some Middle Eastern Flair To Your Home


Middle Eastern Decor

After several years of clean lines and minimalist homes everywhere you look, there is a resurgence of color, warmth, and personality creeping through into interior design. If you are looking for inspiration to redecorate at home, the Middle East is bursting with color and flavor. Middle Eastern décor is dramatic, colorful, and exotic all at once. Wondering where to start? Here are five ways to bring an Arabian essence to your house:

Introduce a Quirky Accessory

The shisha pipe or hookah has been a central part of the Middle Eastern culture for over 500 years. It is embedded in their social traditions and appears at most cafes through the Middle East. Generally made from glass, marble or clay, its mix of materials and curved shape is reminiscent of a modern artwork but with centuries of history behind it. A shisha pipe is sure to be a talking point in your lounge room, as well as bringing quirk and authenticity to the décor.

Play with Pattern

Middle Eastern décor is synonymous with geometric shapes and patterns. These usually take the form of repeated squares and circles. You can find an array of Moorish and Moroccan tiles incorporating these shapes in black and white or bright hues at most tile stores. If you aren’t quite ready to start tiling your walls, you can introduce these patterns through cushions, removable wallpaper, or artwork on the wall.

Roll Out the Rugs

Incorporating some cozy rugs is a quick way to make your room feel warm and inviting. Persian and Turkish rugs are known for their beautiful designs, longevity, and quality. The rug weaving techniques used have been passed down for generations. They will bring a traditional look to your room. For something more relaxed, Moroccan rugs are worth a look. Unless you live under a rock, you would have seen the Moroccan rug trend taking the design world by storm. Geometric black and white Beni Ourain rugs, both genuine and imitation, are popping up in houses all around town. If you don’t trust yourself with a white carpet – or have children – check out boucherouite rugs for a splash of color and a boho feel.

Jeweled Tones

The souks of Turkey, Iran, and Egypt are a sight to behold, crowded with gem-encrusted lanterns, Bedu jewelry, and vibrant fabrics. They offer the perfect inspiration for your home’s color palette. You can choose from ruby reds, amethyst purples, amber yellows, emerald greens, and sapphire blues. Go bold with a vibrant shaded sofa, or bring in smaller splashes with vases, pillows and throw rugs. If you are feeling crazy, mix it up, and incorporate the whole rainbow.

Floor Cushions Galore

In traditional Arabic homes, you won’t find dining tables and chairs. Meals are eaten sitting on a large cloth on floor cushions. This style of seating stems from the Bedouin way of life. The Bedouins are nomads who travel through the desert, setting up tents with rugs and cushions to furnish them.

While you might choose to have a dining table, incorporating some comfy and brightly colored floor cushions into your home can be fun and functional. They serve as extra seating for guests, a comfy spot to curl up and read a book, or a footrest.

The colors, textures, and character of the Middle East are sure to have you counting down to walk in the front door every evening.

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