Are All Types Of Apple Trees Suitable For UK Climate?


Types Of Apple Trees

A lot of people who are not particularly used to the idea of gardening and spoiling fruit trees with all of the attention that they need are not going to realise that fruit trees are incredibly climate-based. If you try to grow tropical fruit, such as the guava, in the mild UK climate, there’s a good chance that all you will be left with is a dead tree. This is true even within certain types of fruit, such as the apple. There are apple trees for sale that are designed to grow in central Texas in the United States, where the climate is very desert-like, and there are apple trees in the UK that have been bred to handle the damp, rainy, and cold climate. In short, no, all types of apple trees are not suitable for the UK climate.

Picking Out Trees Based On Climate

One thing to keep in mind when looking at apple trees for sale is that there certainly are apple trees that can grow and thrive in the UK climate. At the same time, there are apple trees that will wither and die when exposed to the bleak weather of the UK. For instance, it is widely believed that the first ancestor of the standard orchard apple the world has today came from the mountains of central Asia, in the mountains that reach over a kilometre above sea level. This kind of climate is very different than the apples that have been bred to thrive in Uganda, Kenya, and other places with a dry, hot climate.

In the UK, most of the apple flavours that you can get are going to be fairly similar, as the mild weather of the UK is known to produce generally mild fruits. Most of the flavours will vary between being sweet or tangy with exception to the acidic Granny Smith apple, with many of the apples being crisp and having a traditional apple texture. The most common apple trees in the UK that you will find for sale from reliable garden centres, such as Chris Bowers & Sons, include Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Gala, Cox, and Russet.

Where Should You Purchase Apple Trees?

Now that you have a good idea about the fact that only certain types of apples grow in the UK climate and which apple types those are, you may want to consider looking for those apple trees for sale. A good example of a reliable online garden centre is going to be Chris Bowers & Sons, at where you will be able to find a plethora of apple trees for sale that can suit just about any yard.

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