Are Box Gutters Coming Back Into Fashion?


From the late 1800s to the start of the 1900s, structures were primarily constructed, including box gutters. These are distinct from the gutters on the modern properties of today. But during that period, these and copper versions were all that was accessible.

Though not a typical feature of new construction models today, box gutters are sometimes preferred by those building the homes. They are, of course, a popular choice on historical houses, multifamily residences, and commercial facilities. But people today are taking a second look.

The ‘discrete’ units seamlessly blend into the home aesthetic as they are built into the bottom of a roofline or the roof overhang, giving homeowners that clean curb appeal that is so sought after. But the choice is not merely concerning appearance.

Why Do People Today Choose Box Gutters For Their Homes?

Box Gutter

For property owners who prefer to keep the appearance of their roof clean and aesthetically pleasing, box gutters are the optimum choice. They make a nearly indiscernible presentation as compared to the ‘hanging’ gutters floating from the roofline. But the concealment is not their only positive quality. These units offer protection over areas that are much more challenging for any other type of system.

Not only that, but the boxes offer a broader capacity creating more room to work when cleaning the space. The width comprising the bottom allows the homeowners to employ larger downspouts extending higher flow and function.

Though you won’t see the systems relatively well in their place on the roof, the newer boxes fit nicely with what is now more contemporary homes today as well as commercial facilities blending pleasantly with design schemes and current architecture. It would appear the classic from the past is reemerging into popularity once more.

Pros And Cons Of Box Gutters

Rain Gutter

People are starting to select to outfit their homes with the virtually unnoticeable box gutters as opposed to the metal gutters we’ve grown accustomed to over the last so many decades. It’s curious why the unsightly metal versions deemed an appropriate replacement in the first place. Here we’ll look at both some pros and cons of the old-time favorite.

  • It’s critical to perform proper maintenance and upkeep for an extended lifespan. This can go for many years because these are extraordinarily durable and simple to repair. Learn some simple DIY repair techniques at
  • The interior is lined with a thin sheet of metal meant to be easily formed to fit, again aiding in extending longevity.
  • Today, most people are concerned with the curb appeal that their home presents as people drive by or pull into their driveway. The metal system detracts from the appearance of the roof or side of the house. The boxes fit seamlessly, almost disappearing into the roof, allowing for a clean, uncluttered look.
  • The boxes are functional, particularly in tricky spots around the rood with exceptional size for cleaning and installing down spouting.

As with anything, some downsides will need working out. Nothing is perfect, nor would we want it to be. A few disadvantages include:

  • The gutters base comprises wood with sheet metal lining of either tin, stainless steel, or copper. Though the claim is these are exceptionally durable with an extended lifespan, neglect can and overexposure to severe weather can result in warping or rotting with replacement being necessary.
  • Some of these might be made using ‘tin-coated steel.’ The suggestion is that this should be painted right away once installed, and, because of weather exposure, it must be repainted at least every ten years.

As a homeowner, most realize gutters need maintenance with the change of the seasons once or twice per year. The upkeep will help you to prevent early deterioration.

Gutter Cleaning

Final Word

Moving forward and progressing into the future doesn’t necessarily mean we have to let go of everything from the past. There are incredible things back there that need to be passed on. Gutters may not come to mind when you think of a classic from back in the day. Follow for advice on retaining the integrity of your historic home’s gutters.

But these sat proudly on homes that were constructed to last. And they don’t make homes of that quality anymore. So if the box gutters were good enough for their houses, they should be more than good enough for ours today.


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