Are Houses With Pools Harder To Sell?


House With Pool

Whenever the weather is unbearably hot, many people think about having a refreshing swimming pool in their yard. A pool might be a lot of fun; it can provide you with a new way to exercise, it can entice and amaze your guests, and it can help you beat the heat on those hot summer days better than lemonade or popsicles ever could.

Still, one issue matters: Will a pool be a profitable investment for your home? You may believe that adding a pool to your property would increase its worth. And you’d be right in many situations.

However, there are a few things you should know before you start obtaining estimates.

Does A Pool Add Value To Your Home?

Is it true that an inground pool increases the value of a home? Beautiful property with an inground pool will be more valued, especially if the house is more expensive and in a neighborhood with backyard pools. Paradise Developments can help you get to know the area you are buying in and whether a pool would be a good fit.

Further, a pool will offer hours of enjoyment during the summer. So, if you are thinking about adding a pool to your backyard, get in touch with a reputable custom pool builder to assist you in designing the pool and landscaping that will complement your home’s resale and pleasure values.

Since the onset of the pandemic, homes with pools have become the focus of buyer envy. Many purchasers avoided houses with a swimming pool before because of the upkeep problems and potential liabilities. However, the pandemic has caused many to reconsider their affection for a swimming pool. It has become an asset for those who spend most of their time at home. Pool sales in Ontario have surged, with some companies estimating a rise of 80-100% compared to the same period last year. Property with an in-ground pool is also fetching a higher price.

Today, a property with a pool has been reported to sell for around $200,000 more in Toronto and the GTA. Installing an in-ground pool will cost a homeowner anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000 to start, plus annual maintenance costs.

Tip To Consider Before Buying A House With A Pool

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of house buying. When looking for a house with a pool, make sure you spend the time necessary to ensure that it is worth the money you are paying and that it will not require costly maintenance in the future. Here are a few things you may do to safeguard yourself:

  • If the pool is closed during the offseason, get photos of the swimming pool to assess its condition.
  • Request maintenance and service records, and inquire about any pool repairs that have been completed or will be required soon.
  • Determine whether the homeowners pay a firm to open, close, and maintain the pool, and then call them for a pool report.
  • Inquire about the last time items like the liner and pump were changed.
  • Examine the technology used and make notes about certain aspects, such as whether the heater is gas or electric or the age of the equipment.
  • Make sure the pool is included in the home inspection by speaking with the inspector.
  • Check if the pool is chlorine or saltwater, and make sure your home inspector is familiar with both.
  • Underground leaks can be difficult to discover during a home inspection; inquire about any previous difficulties with the pool care firm, and have the owner sign a document stating there are no underground leaks.
  • If you purchase a house with a closed pool, put a clause in the contract stating that the seller is responsible for any expenditures incurred after opening the pool.

Tips For Selling A House With A Pool More Quickly

Aside from the advantages that a pool may bring to your house, there’s also the issue of marketability to consider. Buyers are frequently influenced by emotion and make selections based on their image of a specific sort of lifestyle that will accompany their home purchase. So here are a few suggestions to help you speed up the selling process.

Before Showing, Ramp Up Your Pool Upkeep

Before shooting photos, clean up the surrounding landscaping and give the entire space a thorough cleaning.

Make Sure To Time It Correctly

When the weather warms up, it is the best time to sell a property with a pool. Prepare your swimming pool for the season early and keep it as spotless as possible for each show. When the weather is warm, a buyer who doesn’t want a swimming pool is more likely to be enticed by one. Also, make sure you account for any necessary repairs to get the pool ready.

Build Safety Barriers

Families with young children who are apprehensive about having a pool might be reassured by the safety features already in place. Many properties require a barrier that separates the pool area from the house and yard, such as a 4-foot fence that completely encloses the pool.

If someone approaches the pool area, automatic door locks and alarms can prohibit entry and notify you.

Protect The Pool

Include a home warranty with additional pool coverage in the sale to help relieve any concerns. It protects the new homeowner by covering above-ground components and components of the common heating, pumping, and filtration system.

Pool Type

Gunite and fiberglass pools are both long-lasting and low-maintenance. Concrete pools are frequently more distinctive due to their architectural versatility. However, vinyl pools are popular in Ontario, where temperatures drop below freezing and pools are emptied in the winter. Above-ground pools are more movable and may be provided with a deck for a lower price than in-ground pools.


Many homebuyers are concerned about the hefty expenses of pool maintenance.

In the end, it’s all about how a potential buyer perceives a pool in a property you’re selling. Selling a property with a pool is simple if you can attract the right buyers in the right area, maintain the pool properly, and promote it effectively. A pool can add value to your house, and in this market, you may be able to recoup your investment finally.

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