Are Leather Couches Worth It? – Pros And Cons Of Buying A Leather Sofa


Leather Couch

Are you thinking about buying a leather couch but want to research its pros and cons? Then it’s a wise decision. If you are wondering whether leather couches are worth it or not, then you have come to the right place. It is always better to know before you go to purchase your sofa. Here are the pros and cons that you should consider.


  1. Strong And Durable

You can rest assured that leather couches are durable and will last a long time. Probably four times more than faux leather couches in the same design and style. In addition, leather is a thick material, so scratches and abrasions can be easily concealed with leather polish. Leather is also being used due to its durable property in Modern Sofa beds.

  1. Easy Maintenance

You may think that leather couches require high maintenance, but that is not the case. Instead, sofas made from upholstered fabric will require you to wash them regularly. This is because the covers gather dirt and dust that can only be cleaned by washing. But in the case of leather, you can easily clean it using soap and water solution.

Moreover, applying a leather polish or cream every few months can keep the leather looking fresh and top-quality. This can make your leather couch last a lifetime.

  1. Stain-Proof

Spills can easily and quickly be wiped away on a leather sofa, but this is not the case with a fabric couch, where you will have to scrub and wash the spillage to avoid staining. Light-colored leather sofas will require extra attention but still are way easier to clean than fabric sofas.

  1. Water And Odor Proof

A leather sofa does not absorb moisture and odors as a fabric sofa does. So your couch will remain clean and smell wonderful even if you have pets in your house.


  1. Costly

One of the major factors that put people off and prevent them from buying a leather sofa is its cost. Even if the value of money is reached, the initial cost is so much.

  1. Different Feel

Leather has a different feel to it as compared to upholstered sofas. So if you do not like the feel of leather, then leather couches are not for you. Also, they may feel cold during winter and sweaty during the summer unless you have properly maintained indoor temperatures. So don’t compromise on the feel, even if leather sofas look good.

  1. Difficult To Tell The Difference In Leather Quality

With an increase in demand and competition, companies create variations that have led to various forms of leather. Moreover, genuine leather is not all the same. Only high-end leathers are durable. But a layman cannot identify the difference and may buy cheaper quality and a higher price.

  1. Less Variety

Compared to upholstery sofas, there is less variety in patterns and colors in leather sofas.

The Bottom Line

Just as everything has its pros and cons, so does leather furniture. Whether the pros outweigh the cons or the cons outweigh the pros will depend on your requirement and needs. Despite this, there is no doubt that leather couches are durable and easy to maintain compared to upholstered fabric couches and sofas. So when you go to buy a couch for your home, you must keep your requirement and needs in mind.

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