Are Paper Towels The Best Way To Dry Your Hands?


Paper Towel Dispensers

Some things are worth paying for; a good pair of shoes, a comfortable bed, and unexpectedly, paper towels for drying your hands. The world is quickly learning that hand hygiene is crucial for more than just healthcare workers.

Now more than ever, the average person is more aware of the increasing importance of clean hands and reducing the risk of infection. With the advance in technology of air hand dryers, do paper towels still take the lead in hygiene? Is it even cost-effective? We’ll cover the cost, dry Time, and hygiene in this article. You can also check out multiple hand dryers at Choice Builder Solutions.

Cost And Upkeep

In the world of Air dryers, there are two competitors: Hot Air Dryers and High Speed Air Dryers. Hot air dryers are the original option, and while they are less expensive upfront, they use more energy peruse because of the hot air they provide.

Air blade dryers are more expensive upfront because of their recent technology expansions, but cost just pennies to upkeep. One brand name blade air dryer costs $1400 upfront, but operating costs are $48 annually. As a side note, they look much more modern and sleek, complimenting any high-end office or establishment.

So, where do paper towel dispensers rank on this cost list? Not great, of course, since it’s using a consumable, paper towel dispensers will have higher costs over the long term. Paper towel dispensers cost less upfront but can cost up to $15-30 per case of towels, and $1460 annually.

You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that paper towels are not an economical option by any stretch.

Dry Time And Hygiene

Consider the actual goal of these products, drying your hands after cleaning them. Hot air dryers are the slowest and least effective method by far. It can take 60 seconds for hot air dryers to dry completely, while the air blade can get hands mostly dry in 15 seconds.

Something that both air dryers have in common is their convenience. Air dryers can only service one person at a time, and when it takes 15-60 seconds per user, that results in people not drying their hands at all or most of the Time, incompletely.

Paper towels lead in dry Time with an average of 10 seconds, and people are by far the most compliant to use paper towels when they are available.

Dry Time is important for more than just our comfort and convenience. Wet hands are more likely to spread viruses and bacteria, as well as when someone leaves the restroom with wet hands; they are more likely to use their clothes unhygienically to dry their hands.

The friction provided by drying hands with paper towels is also a factor. When drying with paper towels, the friction of the paper towels on your hands helps dislodge organisms from your skin. This friction is not something that is not provided by air hand dryers of any kind.

Bottom Line

Washing your hands adequately, using soap and warm water, is the first and most effective line of defense in reducing the spread of diseases. We must think about our method of hand drying to perform the best hand hygiene. Paper towels are the fastest, most effective way to dry our hands, and people use them the most out of any option provided.

As a final note to those who only rinse their hands with warm water, that isn’t an effective means of getting rid of germs. You need to wash your hands with soap and water, or the drying method makes no difference.

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