Are Popcorn Ceilings Still Worth Keeping In 2022?


Popcorn Ceilings

A drywall covering known as a popcorn ceiling is applied to hide defects in the original plaster or lath ceilings. The popular popcorn texture covered up uneven patches left over from repairs and ugly paint and wallpaper jobs that homeowners wanted to hide on their ceilings.

With the development of new technology, the ceiling decoration method has also changed. The popcorn ceiling seemed dated and unsightly in comparison to these superb paintings. Therefore, if one still has a popcorn ceiling and uses an outdated way to cover it, it is time to replace it.

Before Removing The Popcorn Ceiling

Regardless of whether one is set on getting rid of a popcorn ceiling, it is vital to be completely informed before making this decision. Keep the following things in mind before starting the popcorn ceiling removal process.

What Is Hidden Below?

Popcorn ceilings were typical because, as was previously mentioned, fixing them was less expensive. This suggests that one can find an unattractive roof or old repairs by removing a popcorn ceiling. If one does not want to stay staring at an ugly ceiling or make the necessary repairs later, removing the popcorn might not be the best idea.

Additionally, charges will be incurred to reapply for this specific style if one starts the removal process but changes their mind.

Why Must Popcorn Ceilings Be Removed?

Because it has been a problem for years, homeowners are curious to find the best way to remove the popcorn ceiling.

Your Health Could Decline As A Result

Asbestos is frequently found in popcorn ceilings, which poses a health danger. Most popcorn ceilings from the 1950s through the 1980s had asbestos, a lethal material formed of fibrous crystals. Asbestos fibers are transmitted into the air during abrasion, posing a health danger to everyone exposed in space.

As a result, industry professionals advise homeowners to have their popcorn ceilings assessed before removing them.

It Gradually Flakes Off

Popcorn texture tends to peel off over time, reducing its ability to hide ceiling seams. As a result, popcorn ceiling removal is highly recommended. Furthermore, the popcorn texture is made to hide structural issues that, if ignored, could collapse the ceiling, such as defects in plaster or lath ceilings.

It Messes With The Lighting In The Space

The room will get dark due to the slight shadows created by the tiny craters in the popcorn ceiling. Thus, removing the popcorn ceiling will improve the room’s lighting, making it an excellent place to put plants or furnishings if one appreciates open floor plans with natural sunlight.

Unpleasant Ceiling Views Are Lessened Or Eliminated

Nobody likes being in a dark place. Homeowners paint their houses because of this. If a popcorn ceiling fades with time, the ceiling will be smeared, and the room will appear uninvited.

The Price Of Removing Popcorn Ceilings

This argument focuses more on why individuals should not do popcorn ceiling removal themselves compared to hiring a professional’s services to remove the popcorn ceiling. In the end, the cost of removing a popcorn ceiling is reasonable.

Experts can protect the home from the dust created during removal and save money. If proper ventilation and partitions/coverings are not implemented, a big mess will result. One can vouch for the fact that it is challenging to remove this kind of dust from any furniture.

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