Are Tiny Houses On Wheels Suitable For You?


Tiny homes have become quite popular in recent times. As housing costs could be expensive for many, opting for a tiny home makes it possible for people to own a house without huge expenses. A social movement known as the Tiny House Movement promotes leading simple lives and avoiding the costs and stress of living in larger homes.

Wheel House

DIY tiny house kits offer approximately 300 to 500 square feet of living space. Travel enthusiasts who do not want to stay at one place often find tiny houses appealing thanks to their mobility. Nevertheless, people from different backgrounds and families adopt this lifestyle for the positive impacts brought to their lives.

What To Expect From A Tiny House?

Living small does not mean that you have to compromise on your comfort. Tiny houses come with everything you would need to sustain a comfortable living: small bathtubs, stovetops, a dryer, a washer, and air conditioning. You can make your tiny home resemble a large home by having luxurious and modern conveniences like towel warmers and heated tiles.

Depending on the ease with which it is built and how luxurious it is, a tiny house can cost you between $10,000 to $180,000, according to LoadUp. If you are a tiny house homeowner, then on average, you might have to spend anywhere between $30,000 to $75,000 for the house. Your tiny house will offer you the satisfaction and convenience of owning your house.

If you maintain your tiny house well, you might be able to use it for several years. Also, if you decide to live in a different setting in the future, you could use the tiny house as your guest house. As many people want to try the tiny home life, you can also rent out your small house on Airbnb.

Tiny House

Tiny Houses On Wheels:

If you get a tiny house on trailer kit, then whenever you move, you can take your tiny house on wheels along with you. Traditional homes cannot offer this kind of flexibility. You will like such a tiny house if you work remotely and like to travel frequently. If you own a truck with a hitch, it will be easy for you to lead a nomadic lifestyle and travel around the country.

A Realistic Glance into Tiny Houses Investment:

The tiny house kits on wheels combine minimalist style and high-end furniture. Many tiny homes employ hyper-efficient design, large windows, open floor plans, high ceilings, micro-appliances, and double-duty furniture to create space illusion. So, even though tiny houses come in different sizes, forms and shapes, they all enable simpler living in a more efficient space.

Zoning and building codes dictate the construction rules, placement, and the standard size of all types of houses. Each city and state has its own guidelines and regulations. If you wish to build a tiny house on a foundation, you have to know what you are permitted to build, the licenses that would be required, and where you can build it. When it comes to a tiny house built on trailers, you can avoid dealing with stringent zoning rules and codes along with enjoying its mobility benefits.

However, you get limited utility options with tiny homes on wheels. You will have to arrange for electricity and plumbing for your tiny house. Your connection to local utility services will depend on the place where you install your tiny home. If you want your home to be always mobile-ready, you will have to think of alternatives. Also, you will need to invest in solar power, fresh water tanks, and compost toilets. On the other hand, if you own a tiny house on a foundation, you can connect to the city grid to access the local WiFi service, traditional plumbing, and electricity.

DIY Cabin Kits

With the DIY cabin kits of BOSS Tiny House, you can customize your tiny house according to your requirements and choice. Their kits are modern, easy to assemble, and very affordable. If you want a DIY transformable kit with unique features that is easy to install, you can go for their Shell Plus kit. With a tiny house, you can live at ease and in harmony with nature.

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