Are Vinyl Windows Worth The Price Tag?


Vinyl Windows

One of the struggles in home improvement and renovation is that you’ll have to make many decisions. For example, it would be best to decide what color the paint you’ll use, arrange your furniture properly, and many more. One tough decision you’re probably struggling with at the moment is what type of windows would be best to install. At the very least, you seem to have already set your eyes on an option, which is vinyl windows. In that case, then you’re on the right track.

Vinyl windows are among the best options out there. They’re generally affordable, durable, and one of the most popular alternatives to wood windows. But much like any other option, they come with a few shortcomings. Moreover, there are other window types on the market you might be thinking of looking into.

Hence, it’s pretty understandable if you’re having doubts about this option. On that note, this guide will go over the pros and cons of vinyl windows to help you make your decision.

What Do People Like About Vinyl Windows?

During the early ‘20s, vinyl windows weren’t that popular. This was because there were several issues with them back then. For one, they were still far from being energy-efficient. However, over the years, more homeowners have come to prefer vinyl replacement windows over other types.

So what do people like about vinyl windows, and what are the driving factors of this popularity?

  1. Vinyl Windows Are Energy-Efficient

If energy efficiency is your priority, you’ll be glad to know that vinyl windows are among the most energy-efficient options there are, along with wood windows. They reflect heat from outdoors and retain heat from indoors, so they can save you money on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

However, it’s worth noting that not all vinyl windows have the same specifications. Some brands are more energy-efficient than others, while some aren’t energy-efficient at all. When looking for the former, it might help for you to look for an Energy Star logo. This indicates that a particular item or equipment is energy-efficient, but the extent depends on the rating.

  1. They Are Affordable

Vinyl windows are perhaps the most affordable type of windows on the market. Their price may range from US$400 to US$600. They’re slightly cheaper than fiberglass windows with an average price of USD1,000 and wood windows with an average price of US$1,200. Furthermore, the overall price of installing or replacing vinyl windows can save you money.

  1. Installation Is Often A Breeze

Vinyl window installation or replacement is typically easy. Hence, the installation costs are often lower than the average fee when the contractor installs wood or fiberglass windows instead. Moreover, since the process is a lot quicker, it’s fairly easy to replace vinyl windows if you want to renovate your home.

  1. They Are Long-Lasting

Wood windows typically last for around 10 to 20 years before it’s time to get a replacement. On the other hand, Vinyl windows can last for up to 30 years, so they’re undoubtedly long-lasting. While they don’t last as long as fiberglass windows, which usually have 50 years, they’re still durable given the normal standards. Besides, fiberglass and wood windows often require maintenance, but that’s not the case for vinyl windows.

  1. You Rarely Have To Maintain Them

Another thing that most consumers like about vinyl windows is that there’s practically not much maintenance work to do. You have to clean them now and then, maybe once per week, and that’s pretty much it. This would spare you from the hassle of preparing cleaning materials that you normally would use with other types of windows.

  1. They Come In Different Styles And Colors

If a particular product comes in various styles or colors, it’s more likely to be a hit among consumers. That’s one of the charms of vinyl windows. They’re offered in many style options, colors, and even sizes. If you value aesthetics over anything else, this would perhaps be one of your main reasons to get vinyl windows. Consumers can even order custom-made vinyl windows from the manufacturer if their window frames have a bit of an unorthodox structure.

Durable Vinyl Windows

What Do People Not Like About Vinyl Windows?

As stated earlier, vinyl windows aren’t perfect. They also come with flaws that can be a turnoff to you and other consumers. So far, there are three main problems with vinyl windows.

  1. They Are Difficult To Shape

This means that their design isn’t that flexible, which can be a huge disadvantage to homeowners with window frames that have distinctive structures. On the bright side, it’s still possible to get custom vinyl windows, but you can expect to see a much higher price tag. For your reference, the price of custom vinyl windows usually ranges from US$600 to US$800.

  1. You Cannot Paint The Interior

Although vinyl windows indeed come in a variety of colors, after you pick one, you can no longer change it if you ever change your mind. This is mainly because it’s impossible to stain or paint the interior of vinyl windows. This is yet another drawback, especially for those who prioritize aesthetics.

  1. There Is No Standard Quality

It was mentioned earlier that not all vinyl windows are similar. This is mainly because there’s no standard quality for this particular product. That’s precisely why you’ll often find all sorts of vinyl windows, each with a certain level of quality. This also means that the prices of various brands can be considerably different from one another. If you’re not exactly the best at looking for the best of the bunch, the buying process will be a lot more difficult.

Should You Get Vinyl Windows?

While vinyl windows are certainly quite appealing, it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to the right windows for your home.

Vinyl windows may work for your friend’s or your parent’s house, but that doesn’t tell you anything about their compatibility with your home. However, since the quality of vinyl windows continues to rise, they might eventually replace wood windows as the golden standard of windows. In conclusion, they’re certainly worth the price tag, and you’ll surely discover this for yourself once you have them installed in your home.

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