Are You Changing Your Vacuum Bag Enough?


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Vacuum cleaners are the most important household appliances when it comes to cleaning. No doubt, it is important to clean floors, carpets, etc. They are not long-lasting, but you can deep clean your vacuum to make sure it works for years with you. If your vacuum cleaner started behaving abnormally, I mean, if it is not functioning correctly, you should first check the vacuum bags before throwing your vacuum out of the house.

Back days when there were no vacuum cleaners, people used mops to clean the house. They cleaned the mops as well to clean the house. That’s how it works. Keep the appliance clean to keep your home neat.

How would you know that your vacuum bag is full? How often should you change the vacuum bag?

To know the answer to these questions, keep on reading the article.

  1. Stop Waiting:

Don’t wait until the bag is full. For example, if you use the vacuum cleaner once in 15 days or thrice a month, check the vacuum bag every month. If it is full (which will probably not), then change the bag.

A vacuum bag takes almost 5 to 6 months until it gets full. But on the safer side, you should check the bag after every month.

  1. See The Indicator:

Many vacuum cleaners come with the indicators now. The machine itself will let you know whether the bag is full or not. If it indicates you to change the bag, then change it.

  1. When The Suction Is Reduced:

If you see the vacuum is not functioning properly and suction is not on a point, check the vacuum bag. If it is full, then change the bag, and you are good to go.

  1. A Foul Smell:

If you sense a foul smell coming from the vacuum bag, it indicates that the bag is full. Many people use this method to know whether the bag is full or not.

  1. Why Should You Change Your Vacuum Bag?

Vacuum cleaners don’t last forever. You have to take care of its maintenance. I’m sure you would not want your newly bought vacuum cleaner to be thrown out. Vacuum bag plays an important role in the maintenance of the cleaner as well as the house. If you stop changing the vacuum bag, it will start giving a bad smell to your house. The suction will start decreasing, and the cleaning would be no great in the area.

Allowing your bag full means you are decreasing the life of a vacuum cleaner.

Final Words:

Vacuum bags should be changed timely and regularly. It increases the life span of your appliance. Take notes of how many times you have changed the vacuum bag in specific months. You will then have an idea of how often you should change the vacuum bag.

Make sure the bag changes within six months. It is the maximum time until the bag is full.

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  1. Maintaining the vacuum cleaner and vacuum bag from time to time is quite important. There can be many issues with vacuum cleaning that can be solved through proper care and cleaning services. Thank you very much for sharing this post here!

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