Aromatherapy for Your Home


Aromatherapy needs no introduction. Most of us have got aromatherapy done. Aromatherapy helps us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The same essential oils of the aromatherapy can be used to give your home a relaxing and rejuvenated aura.

Aromatherapy For Home

Using a diffuser can be great, but there are ways through which you can use the essential oils at home.

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

For Linens:

When you are washing your linens with the laundry detergent add the few drops of the lavender oil or the eucalyptus oil, and you will have your linen smell so fresh. Such fresh fragrance will give you a mood lift.

The aromatherapies fragrances which come in the spray bottle can also be used for having your linen have the lingering scent on the clean linens.

Aroma Fragrances

You can use aromatherapy fragrance sprays while ironing clothes.

The essential oils can be used for killing bacteria. It is the best way of getting rid of bacteria from linen. In case you have pets at home this is the best way to get your fabrics and linens free from bacteria.

When you use harsh chemicals for cleaning the refrigerator or the tables it has many drawbacks. Instead, you can use the orange essential oil on the cleaning cloth to wipe surfaces, and you will have a clean and fresh refrigerator and tables.

Aromatic Candles

Another thing you can do is mix the essential oil with the water in the spray bottle, and you use that as a cleaner. Use the combined spray to spray on the table and then wipe off with a cloth. The essential oils have the cleansing properties of the botanical origin. Thus you will have cleaner things with orange scent lingering behind. This is much better than using harsh chemicals to clean or using chemicals to give your room fragrance.

Flower Essence

In a case for people who have trouble sleeping at night the essential oils are fantastic and will do wonders. Using the lavender oil on a pillow or bed sheet can be relaxing. And it will not stain your bed sheet or pillow cover. You can use sandalwood oil too for a relaxing effect.

Aroma Fragrance

The eucalyptus oils also help in keeping pests and insects away.

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