Art meets home décor

On March 4, 2014 by Vishal Bhanushali


Modern interiors are often considered to be bold, minimalistic, edgy and with a splash of a totally dynamic new color pallet. Well, this beautiful interior design by Marcel Wanders will give that preconception of modernism a spin.


This is a beautiful Amsterdam apartment designed with great attention to details. The design accents gives out a luxuorius royal ambience yet the minimalistic colors add that modern touch to the interiors.


From the luxurious furniture to finely detailed woodwork, each element of decor seamlessly connects with each other in design language.


The gorgeous floral texture that flows throughout each element of the apartment is actually more of an artwork. It’s rather interior designers intelligence and creative vision to balance the various floral texture and still preserve that modern minimal look.




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  • Beautiful snaps. Loved reading the blog from top to bottom. Everything looks perfect. With Reed Diffusers and scented candles ( it would look just about perfect; a perfect place to dwell. Thanks for sharing this post!

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